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How about a red, white and blue New Deal? • Good Non profit

Written by Kurt Schlichter, op-ed via, I know that many Americans are afraid of entrusting our entire economy to a group of hipsters from the coastal blue city and university professors, with all our money and personal freedom, due… Continue Reading →

Professors of Notre Dame claim that pro-life movement has a white supremacy agenda. The facts say differently. • Good Non profit

During a panel discussion at Notre Dame, university professors claimed that the pro-life movement is a scheme to ensure that the US remains a white majority. Which groups held the discussion? The event, called "Reversing Roe," was organized by the… Continue Reading →

The White House has quietly reversed the safety rules for the workplace during the shutdown • Good Non profit

The partial cessation of the government may have disrupted air travel and caused financial problems, but it did not stop the White House from further dismantling the regulations for the protection of American workers. On Friday, the Trump administration undermined… Continue Reading →

The people with non-profit organizations remain rich, white and uncertain how they can change that •

The vast majority of non-profit board members say they believe that having a diverse set of leaders is important. They just do nothing to actively encourage it. That is the most important takeaway of a recent survey called "The Governance… Continue Reading →

Great white sharks off the coast of South Carolina: a healthy sign

The great white sharks off the coast of South Carolina are a healthy sign. (OCEARCH) CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) – Three great white sharks have recently settled off the coast of South Carolina. Miss Costa, Hal and Gray Lady were tagged… Continue Reading →

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