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Texas: Waxhaw, two others sentenced to federal jail time in a $ 4.2M scam

0 Texas: Waxhaw, two others sentenced to federal jail time in a $ 4.2M scam DEL RIO, Texas (AP) – A Southern Texas federal judge sentenced three men to jail and ordered the repayment of more than $ 4.2 million… Continue Reading →

Do you want to solve obesity and climate change at the same time? Make Big Food companies pay. • Good Non profit

Obesity, climate change and malnutrition are among the biggest global crises that our world is facing today. Would not it be great if there were solutions to tackle all three problems simultaneously? That may sound far-fetched. But a new report,… Continue Reading →

It's time to end parking fees for "abusive" hospitals in British Columbia: non-profit

Jon Buss, in front of Surrey Memorial Hospital on Monday, is campaigning to eliminate paid parking for hospitals. For Buss, paid parking in hospitals is a "money-making system" that creates stress and anxiety for patients and their caregivers. Mike Bell… Continue Reading →

A local non-profit organization helps federal employees in difficulty, one call at a time

United Way 211 (Image: WTVC) CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee – While many hundreds of thousands of federal employees are struggling to pay their bills, an agency in our area is helping to provide a respite. Great Chattanooga United Way employees are trying… Continue Reading →

Who gives more time and money to charitable works, men or women? Here is your answer • Good Non profit

Women do not get paid as much as men or invest as much as they do, but they have the beat of the opposite sex on a money metric. Rich women are more likely to donate money and time to… Continue Reading →

New benefit for Google employees: paid time off to work for non-profit organizations •

Google Nonprofit Division has long been committed to donating 1% of its own funds and profits to a charity. Based on $ 1 billion commitment In October 2017, the company focused on causes such as education, economic opportunities and… Continue Reading →

That Time Trump Throws Paper Napkins at Puerto Ricans • Good Non profit

Maybe this picture is unfair to Trump without context. After all, the relief event was just a fragment of the administration's involvement in the disaster response, and the people in the room applauded the president for the moment. But given… Continue Reading →

'Apple's darkest day at the time of the iPhone': this is what Wall Street said about the profit warning of the Apple bomb

CNBC In his first warning on profits for more than a decade on WednesdayApple has announced that its revenues would be $ 9 billion lower than the initial forecast for the first quarter of its 2019 fiscal year. Wall Street… Continue Reading →

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