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Greenwald Slams Bezos & Invasion Of Privacy Hypocrisy while Amazon builds expanded state of surveillance for everyone else • Good Non profit

Written by Glenn Greenwald via The Intercept, The National Enquirer engaged in behavior so humbling and unscrupulous that it created a seemingly impossible storyline: The world's richest billionaire and a notorious labor abuser, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, as a sympathetic… Continue Reading →

Trump brought angel mothers to his state of the Union. They have played a major role in his presidency. • Good Non profit

President Donald Trump has always liked to call "angel mothers" – the relatives or relatives of those who died because of "illegal aliens". On the campaign path in 2016 he gave speeches for a row of despondent parents and relatives,… Continue Reading →

Ocasio-Cortez invites the woman who has cornered GOP Sen Flake as her guest at State of the Union • Good Non profit

The woman who shouted in an elevator in the former Arizona Republican senator Jeff Flake for his support to the then Supreme Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is planning to attend the address of President Donald Trump's state of the Union. Ana… Continue Reading →

The brutality of the Islamic State has led some Syrian Muslims to convert to Christianity • Good Non profit

A new Christian church in Kobani, a city along the Syrian-Turkish border, attracts converts who have witnessed and been brutally abused by the militant group ISIS. What do people say? "If ISIS represents Islam, I do not want to be… Continue Reading →

The state stops nonprofit after the child gets sick

Christine MacDonald The Detroit News Published at 22:38 EST on 24 Jan 2019 Public health officials are reviewing work done by a nonprofit organization in Detroit over the last 11 years to remove nearly 600 homes from lead paint after… Continue Reading →

The sad history of Livejournal as a lens for understanding the state of social media nowadays • Good Non Profit

Like Facebook, Livejournal was built in a bright student room; but unlike Facebook, LJ is not built "for nonconsensually assessing the fuckability of stolen photos from undergrads, "but rather as a community-minded platform for self-expression and forging connections. Nowadays, LJ… Continue Reading →

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