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NFL 2019 simulated draft: Broncos down after Flacco trade, while Browns ranks in top 10 defensive tackle – CBS Sports •

1 Nick Bosa, DE, State of OhioGiven the way teams tend to prioritize shift writing, I still think the most likely scenario is where the Cardinals will be tied for multiple selections. For the moment, however, we stuck them here… Continue Reading →

The most useful Super Bowl player, Julian Edelman, added 'Ellen & # 39; and she shaved her beard for humanitarian reasons – Yahoo Sports • Good Non profit

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has let his beard develop during the football season, but with the past year, the MVP Super Bowl LIII has been persuaded to remove it – for the good cause. Appearance of Ellen New… Continue Reading →

Why big sports stars are passionate about charity •

Multimedia playback is not supported on your device Media legendDue to talking about his fight with Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury said he wanted to help the homeless by donating his money. New year, new ideas, time to broaden your horizons?… Continue Reading →

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