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Breast cancer: analyze younger women at risk, according to a charity • Good Non profit

Copyright of the image Scientific photo library Younger women with a family history of breast cancer should be screened annually to screen for the disease earlier, said a charity. Breast cancer now has funded a study that found that cancers… Continue Reading →

Wealth Matters: A Charity Finds Success In Working With Children At Risk, But It's Costly • Good Non profit

"Concentration is so important," she said. "Non-profit organizations stretch too thin." At the same time, said Ms. Jonker, the national organization knew what she could do for all chapters (centralized data collection, marketing, accounting, and other administrative tasks) and allowed… Continue Reading →

GoFundMe Donors at Border Wall Take Huge Risk by Donating to Brian Kolfage's Watchdog Association

21:12 24/01/2019 | Investigation group Andrew Kerr | Reporter of investigation Air Force Veteran Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee, says without proof that his new non-profit organization can build a wall on the southern border for half the cost of… Continue Reading →

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