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The Mayor of Chicago proposes to pay 1,000 residents $ 1,000 a month "without any conditions" • Good Non profit

With regard to the US cities facing serious financial difficulties, it is worth highlighting the one with the highest murder rate in the country, a gloomy climate, endemic corruption and financial mismanagement. It is also the city which knew the… Continue Reading →

Do you want to solve obesity and climate change at the same time? Make Big Food companies pay. • Good Non profit

Obesity, climate change and malnutrition are among the biggest global crises that our world is facing today. Would not it be great if there were solutions to tackle all three problems simultaneously? That may sound far-fetched. But a new report,… Continue Reading →

Buying a new bag? This startup wants to help you pay, but can also put you in debt. • Good Non profit

In an advertisement Urban Outfitters a young woman switches on a neon sign on a bedside table that is becoming messy with neutral home decoration. In another, against a background of millennial pink and macrame, the woman stares at her… Continue Reading →

Not-for-profit organizations mobilize to help Coast Guard members at work without pay

(US Coast Guard / @ ComdtUSCG) WASHINGTON (ABC7) – Coast Guard members and civilians were to receive a paycheque on Tuesday, but no money was deposited into bank accounts because no funding was allocated to the Department of Homeland Security…. Continue Reading →

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