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Churches, hotels and non-profit organizations mobilize for residents of Macon at Crystal Lake

MACON, GA. – It has now been three days since residents of Crystal Lake Apartment in Macon were forced to evacuate – and they still can not go home from Sunday. In turn, churches, non-profit organizations and hotels are working… Continue Reading →

Nonprofit organizations and communities mobilize to help government employees go out of the way

BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota (FOX 9) – Friday marks the second payday that federal workers will miss due to government closure. In order to maintain morale and give workers at the federal airport a break, meals will be served daily at the… Continue Reading →

Not-for-profit organizations mobilize to help Coast Guard members at work without pay

(US Coast Guard / @ ComdtUSCG) WASHINGTON (ABC7) – Coast Guard members and civilians were to receive a paycheque on Tuesday, but no money was deposited into bank accounts because no funding was allocated to the Department of Homeland Security…. Continue Reading →

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