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House Democrats new plan for a minimum wage of $ 15, explained • Good Non profit

First it was Seattle, then San Francisco. Later it was the entire state of California Massachusetts, New York and Washington, DC. In January New Jersey became the newest state to raise its minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. Now… Continue Reading →

The Kentucky House bill prohibits the release of 25 or more balloons • Good Non profit

Releasing balloons at weddings or memorial services can be a thing of the past in Kentucky if a bill introduced into the House of Representatives of the state becomes a law. The proposed legislation would limit the number of balloons… Continue Reading →

The White House has quietly reversed the safety rules for the workplace during the shutdown • Good Non profit

The partial cessation of the government may have disrupted air travel and caused financial problems, but it did not stop the White House from further dismantling the regulations for the protection of American workers. On Friday, the Trump administration undermined… Continue Reading →

Covington nonprofit rehabilitated at home to house veterans with nowhere to stay

COVINGTON, Ky. – Two years ago, Felicia Huesman was "an insane person," she said Monday. "Maybe again." Ambitious is probably a better word for that. Huesman, who already spent her days looking after her children and managing the family's preparation… Continue Reading →

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