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Nearly one in five children live in a conflict zone • Good Non profit

Some 420 million children were living in conflict-affected areas in 2017, which represents the largest number of children living in areas affected by armed conflict over the past 20 years, has -he adds. The report defined affected children as those… Continue Reading →

Nonprofit: Trump Administration strives for detained children at a toxic location •

A proposed detention center for unaccompanied minority children sits on top of land that could pose serious health risks, reports a Tuesday published report, including multiple toxic chemicals, heavy metals and contaminated groundwater. As part of the Trump plan to… Continue Reading →

Tulsa, a non-profit organization, strives to reconnect children with their incarcerated parents

TULSA – New Hope Oklahoma is a non-profit organization based in Tulsa that strives to end generation incarceration. Oklahoma currently incarcerates more people at a faster pace than any other state, affecting 10 percent of Oklahoma's children. Brent Cato spent… Continue Reading →

Deaf children are lagging behind at school, says charity • Good Non profit

Legend Ann, Daniel's mother, says that extra support is the key to academic success for deaf students The deaf children in England are late compared to their classmates from the primary school at the GCSE, according to the analysis of… Continue Reading →

Nearly 100 children died of Ebola in the DRC as the crisis worsens • Good Non profit

Since the beginning of the epidemic in August, 97 children have died as a result of the viral disease, including 65 under the age of five, the group said. And the number of new cases has increased in January, from… Continue Reading →

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, a non-profit surgical organization, provides free services to disfigured Inland Empire children

This is something that all future parents probably ask themselves: will they have a healthy child? John Hurtado of Apple Valley was no exception. "We felt that everything was fine during pregnancy," he said. But when his son Juan was… Continue Reading →

Facebook Ripped Off Game-playing children and their parents in multi-year "Friendly Fraud" scheme • Good Non profit

Facebook committed to a multi-year effort to fool children and their parents to calculate massive costs based on misleading in-game purchases – then refused to return the money, According to unconcluded records in a class action lawsuit. The in-game costs… Continue Reading →

Wealth Matters: A Charity Finds Success In Working With Children At Risk, But It's Costly • Good Non profit

"Concentration is so important," she said. "Non-profit organizations stretch too thin." At the same time, said Ms. Jonker, the national organization knew what she could do for all chapters (centralized data collection, marketing, accounting, and other administrative tasks) and allowed… Continue Reading →

Ocasio-Cortez Appears In Donkey Kong Twitch Stream To Raise Money For Transgender Children – HuffPost • Good Non profit

representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) Stunned the viewers when she called in a Twitch stream at a "Donkey Kong 64" Sunday marathon game session to help raise funds for transgender children. The British YouTube star, Hbomberguy – aka Harry Brewis –… Continue Reading →

Non-profit organization hosting homeless women and children plans expansion to Oak Park

A non-profit organization in Sacramento plans to build a three-story building in Oak Park to house 28 homeless women and their children, but must first raise $ 5 million. City of Refuge Sacramento – founded about eight years ago by… Continue Reading →

Thanks to a non-profit organization, parents of deaf children in Nevada are not alone

Camalot Todd The Sassman family – parents Eric and Marie, Evan, 6, and Fiona, 2 – meet Jay Green, left, guardian of the UNLV men's basketball team, on Jan. 6 at the # 39; occasion of a community event sponsored… Continue Reading →

A couple of the Phoenix couple helps more Haitian children to be adopted

Jake Trybulski Cronkite News Posted at 8:00 am EST January 12, 2019 Craig and Kathi Juntunen retired in 1998, leaving their successful consulting firm to live a life spent primarily on the golf course and the ski slopes. "We were… Continue Reading →

The Afghan School for street children and the Singaporean doctor behind

Every afternoon, while the Pul-e-Surkh neighborhood in Kabul, the Afghan capital, begins to come to life, 10-year-old Breshna takes her bag of socks and chewing gum and starts working in the cafes. local shops and supermarkets. Dressed in disjointed clothes… Continue Reading →

Zachary's Non-Profit Mission Supports Parents Focusing on Critically Ill Children

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