Heartbeat – Zade, Ansam and the children of Syria | دقة قلب – زيد وأنسام وأطفال سوريا

Children’s struggling has hit rock bottom in Syria as the conflict reaches 6 several years.
The song, which is composed and donated to UNICEF by Zade Dirani, UNICEF Regional Ambassador for the Center East and North Africa, is a message of hope from Syria’s children to the children and people today of the environment, with a very simple request to get their childhood again.

The song is performed by ten calendar year-outdated Ansam, an internally displaced woman in Syria who was born blind. The song was shot in an spot of Syria seriously weakened by the fighting. Small children executing as portion of the choir are all internally displaced and participate, alongside with Ansam, in UNICEF psychosocial assist programmes.
https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=KnkwyLxp88I

33 thoughts on “Heartbeat – Zade, Ansam and the children of Syria | دقة قلب – زيد وأنسام وأطفال سوريا

  1. إبن سوريا إبن سوريا

    إنشاء الله راح ترجع سوريا متﻻ مكانت بإدن الله

  2. Fakhri Ahmad

    YA ALLAH,, I LOVE YOU AND WE LOVE YOU, I don't know what the way i help you guys? I just can pray in here, Don't afraid, I with you and We are with you, Love you so much, I know you are the strongest man in around theworld, Love from INDONESIAN MUSLIM guyss, #stopthewarandviolence #weareonlyhuman #wearewithyou, please Stop stop the war, I hope world can life in peace and love, Berikan yang terbaik untuk syaria, musnahkan orang2 yang telah menghancurkan dunia ini. We aren't afraid with you terorisme, LovepeaceagainfromIndonesia

  3. Della Ayunda Triskandar

    save all muslim in dunya , tetep semangat adik2 dan saudara muslim in syria :'( Allah always with you

  4. Putri Cecilia calif

    ya ALLAH im cry, save them, guys ur amazing child,ur true hero,i want help them someday,my heart and my pray with u all,dont losing hope,i have boyfriend from syrian,he told me about peacefull,and always smile no matter how hard life will go,someday i will go to there,and hug u all….insyaALLAH

  5. อัญมณี วรพุฒ

    ขอให้ทุกคนปลอดภัย อีกไม่นานคงสงบสุขเหมือนเดิมสู้ๆนะเด็กๆ

  6. sara SARA

    اللهم انصر العراق وسوريا واليمن وفلسطين ومصر … اي معي لايك


    أوقفوا هذه الحرب لك التي ليس لها فائدة و اجعلوهم يعيشوا طفولتهم بدون خوف

  8. Afzal Mehmood

    May Allah give again beautiful life of syria. Allah will take revenge of innocent human killing in war
    Inshallah AMEEN

  9. shakira herrera

    She is a beautiful girl and she sings very well, it is sad what is happening, I am Ecuadorian and I would like to travel and help the children because they are not guilty of what happens

  10. tahmid najib

    For God's sake, please stop this stupid war and give these beautiful lives a new life, a new beginning .
    And to the Syrian children: Don't lose hope, stay strong and keep faith. The majority of the world is with you. Peace will come and that even will be very soon. InshaAllah..


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