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Like any first rate presidential candidate, Andrew Yang calls from a New Hampshire restaurant. Of course he has the mussel fish soup. He says it's great.

Over the previous few months, Yang, a 44-year-outdated businessman, has been campaigning in early states and the media rounds, as are the greater than twelve different Democrats who’re within the primaries and actively campaigning in early states.

The solely factor is that no person is aware of who he’s. Well not nobody, however no person actually. At the start of February, Yang reported in a weblog on his marketing campaign web site that he was a part of a nationwide survey, with him being seen as the primary alternative of 1 % of voters. (The margin of error was 3.6 %.)

So I ask the apparent query when he calls. Why run? Yang takes lengthy breaks between his phrases, whether or not he eats his soup or actually thinks earlier than he speaks, I don't know for positive. He is slowly making an attempt to clarify why he, an extraordinary man from New York, would begin such a boring enterprise.

Seven years in the past, Yang began a corporation referred to as Venture for America, a form of Teach for America, however for startups. Yang proudly tells me that he was honored by the White House of Obama for his work with the group.

But his efforts, he realized, have been like "pouring water into a basket with a giant hole in the bottom."

"I realized that for every task I was helping, we lost 10 or 100 or 1,000 jobs in many of these communities," Yang mentioned. "And I believe that's why Donald Trump won the 2016 election … we've automated 4 million production jobs in Michigan and Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa – all the swing states he needed to win and win "

That is what Yang actually wants to speak about: robots. They took manufacturing jobs, he says, and so they come for retail jobs, name heart jobs, quick meals jobs, truck jobs and even journalistic jobs, Yang warns.

"Donald Trump is a symptom of the fact that we are in the third inning of the greatest economic and technological transformation in the country's history," he says severely.

"Let's say you have five to ten years before the truck drivers are sent home, at least in a number. There are three and a half million truck drivers in this country. The average truck driver is a 49-year-old man with a high school education. So if you are looking for meaningful solutions, we don't have much time. "

That's why Andrew Yang runs for president. According to him, automation means the top of the work in America as we all know it historically, and he thinks he is aware of what to do about it: giving folks cash.

A common primary earnings (UBI) – or, as he has branded it, a "freedom dividend" – is central to Yang & # 39; s marketing campaign. As president, Yang says he’ll give $ 1,000 to anybody within the United States over the age of 18 every month.

"Millions of American women are currently trapped in exploiting or abusive jobs or relationships, partly because they feel they don't have the means to walk away and improve their situation," Yang says. "How many of those women could improve their daily environment if they were given $ 1,000 a month – if they knew they didn't have to rely on that exploiting job or offending husband or boyfriend for their very survival?"

Yang argues {that a} UBI would additionally enhance kids's well being and vitamin, the diploma of commencement, and psychological well being. "It would make our families healthier and stronger," he says. "It would improve relationships. It would reduce domestic violence and hospital visits."

Yang's freedom dividend can be choose-in, and the purpose can be to make sure that every American receives at the very least $ 1,00Zero a month from the federal government. For instance, somebody who already acquired meals help might select between a $ 1,00Zero verify or to proceed receiving direct help from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) equal to $ 1,00Zero per thirty days.

That proposal raises quite a few questions for specialists. Robert Seamans, an economist at New York University, advised ThinkProgress that every UBI proposal should be very particular about what applications & # 39; s have been recorded and whether or not folks can change backwards and forwards between help from, say, SNAP or Medicaid up to the liberty dividend verify of $ 1,000.

Seamans mentioned he was additionally involved about Yang's proposal to fund this system. Yang has proposed a worth-added tax that may lower probably the most for corporations that profit from automation, resembling Amazon, Google and Facebook.

"What happens if Amazon goes bankrupt, how do you find UBI?" Seamans mentioned. "What happens if Amazon reorganizes? What happens if Amazon moves to another country? There are so many things that can go wrong, it doesn't seem feasible."

Experts additionally disagree in regards to the premise of Yang & # 39; s marketing campaign, the thought of ​​automation will kill the US job market.

"That is an assumption and it is not an assumption that is universally agreed," Seamans mentioned. "There are many economists, including myself, who believe that a lot will happen with AI and that robotics will be an extension of existing jobs."

As with most campaigns, nonetheless, and particularly the longshot marketing campaign from Yang, the main points usually are not actually the purpose.

"By talking about certain types of policies such as UBI, it helps to describe the types of values ​​that we as a society think are the right types of values," Seamans mentioned. "This is part of what I like about Andrew Yang's presidential campaign – he makes people think seriously about why we might want a UBI and what a UBI can achieve."

Yang has additionally made quite a few different off-the-overwhelmed observe insurance policies central to his marketing campaign, together with hiring a White House psychologist, paying NCAA athletes, and making Tax Day a federal vacation.

"My suggestion is instead of & # 39; we have this tax day that everyone hates, in April & # 39 ;, we turn it into a national holiday, Revenued Day, & # 39; says Yang." And if you happen to then submit your tax return does, you will notice a video of varied authorities officers thanking you and exhibiting you the work you might be doing, after which you possibly can select the place you need the final % of your tax to go, so it might be one thing you care. And then we might deliver residents to the White House and have a good time our great nation. & # 39;

Yang is aware of that his marketing campaign is a protracted story, however in accordance to him, profitable isn’t the one measure of success.

"We are going through historical changes as a country, and for me our leaders are behind the times in solving the problems that really plague us," he says. "So if someone else would take over my solutions, say the Freedom Dividend, and make it a reality as president in 2021, and I wasn't that person, I'd be happy."

He provides: "I didn't run because I dreamed of living in the White House all my life. I am running because I want to solve problems so my children don't grow up in a total disaster of a country."