Non-profit group in the city to fight diabetes


An I Challenge Diabetes at Brock University. January 6, 2019. (Photo by I Challenge Diabetes)

A non-profit diabetes organization will hold an interactive and educational event in Sarnia for children and families affected by T1D.

I challenge diabetes will be at Alexander McKenzie's high school on a Sunday for a day full of sports, dance and informational workshops.

Sarnia volunteers Tana Manchester and Cindy Batchelar, both mothers of 11-year-olds with T1D, have contacted I Challenge Diabetes to seek help for their children, Kyra and Seth.

Manchester said the whole concept is about creating an environment where children can learn and grow together.

"They really want to empower the youth, and basically just trust everyone who lives with diabetes and have the knowledge to overcome problems associated with managing diabetes and to form a support network," Manchester said. "Type 1 diabetes is not something you get a break from, so having a good support system is crucial."

Manchester said she had no idea what it meant to live with T1D day in and day out before Kyra was diagnosed.

"She feels different from others, she feels like nobody understands, so that's part of the reason I was looking for something other than the support our family can give her – the daily management of it with talk to her about it, "Manchester said. "But I really felt that she had to be close to others who knew what she was going through, and so that she could see these people lead successful, happy, healthy lives."

Manchester encourages other parents and caregivers to get the same feeling at the upcoming event.

The full day of activities goes from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and the entry is $ 10 per family.

Manchester said she hopes this is the first of many I Diabetes events in Sarnia.

The non-profit organization was founded in 2017 by the Canadian Olympic rower Chris Jarvis, who was also diagnosed with T1D at a very young age.

For a link to the event, click here.