Fundraising begins: 17 non-profit organizations compete for Gannett Grants


Seventeen non-profit organizations Brevard have been approved to move on to the next stage of the Gannett Foundation's nationally-focused community-based grant competition.

Through "A Community Thrives", the Gannett Foundation, sponsored by the parent company of the USA TODAY Network, Gannett Inc., will offer more than a dozen grants totaling $ 2.3 million to organizations seeking to improve their communities.

The non-profit organizations Brevard, whose work in the community covers a wide range of services for residents of all ages, enter a fundraising phase on Monday. During this phase, they will work to achieve the fundraising goals according to their organization's budget in order to qualify for a grant. Winners will be announced on or about June 1st.

"What an incredible show," said FLORIDA TODAY Editor-in-Chief Mara Bellaby, among the approved candidates.

"This shows Brevard's commitment to doing good and making our community a good place to live."

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For 2019, A Community Thrives will award 16 grants and promotions. Three participants will receive $ 100,000; seven will receive $ 50,000; six will receive $ 25,000; and the weekly bonus promotions will total $ 200.00.

A Community Thrives is a 3 year program that invests in organizations involved in projects related to education, arts and culture, wellness and other positive local initiatives. Recipients include Promise in Brevard, which received $ 100,000 in 2017.

Depending on the level of an organization, applicants must collect a minimum amount of online donations in order to qualify for a grant.

Level 1 participants must collect at least $ 3,000 in online donations to receive a grant. Level 2 applicants must collect at least $ 6,000 in online donations to receive a grant.

The candidates for the Space Coast Scholarship are:

Level 1 (operating budgets less than or equal to $ 500,000):

  • Recovery Strategy Vision of Hope, Palm Bay: 321-831-0306
  • American Red Cross Coastal Space, Rockledge: 321-890-1002
  • LEAD Brevard, Rockledge: 321-632-8222
  • Computers, courses, Sharpes: 321-626-9754
  • Space Coast bound ensemble, Merritt Island: 321-773-2018
  • Gathering of Aboriginal Heritage, Merritt Island: 321-452-1671
  • Broken to Mended, Melbourne: 321-313-5292
  • Green Gables at Riverview Historical Village, Malabar: 321-794-8901
  • Brevard PALS, Melbourne: 321-768-6800
  • Brevard Humane Society, Cocoa; 321-636-3343

Level 2 (operating budgets greater than $ 500,000):

  • The FoolProof Foundation, Cocoa: 202-360-4512
  • National Association of Chiefs of Police, Titusville: 321-264-0911
  • North Brevard Charities Sharing Center, Titusville: 321-269-6555
  • Nana Children's Home, West Melbourne: 321-724-5111
  • Housing for the Homeless, Rockledge: 321-639-0166
  • South Brevard Women's Center, Melbourne: 321-607-6811
  • Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts, Melbourne: 321-433-5719

Contact individual organizations to support an approved team when entering the fundraising phase.

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