The local bakery gives Amarillo a non-profit


AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) – An Amarillo bakery and a non-profit organization are joining forces on Friday, March 15 to celebrate a milestone.

Bakers and anyone looking to give back to a good cause can end up at Nothing Bundt Cakes at 2303 S Georgia St.

Pastry owner Julie Doty celebrates a year of business and will donate 10% of her sales to a non-profit organization called Colorful Closets.

"Colorful Closets has a real mother impression and it really touches me at the heart of what they do and how they do it in schools," Doty said. "The community is completely involved and it touches a lot of lives, a lot of hearts."

The event of Friday is not the first time that Nothing Bundt Cakes associates with Colorful Closets. When the pastry shop opened a year ago, she also donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale to the mission of the non-profit organization.

Colorful Closets is an organization that works directly with school counselors to help students in need. The volunteers take worn out clothes with tenderness and constitute a mini-wardrobe for children or families in difficulty.

"It's not just about providing clothes for someone, but also quality clothes that will bring dignity," said Lindsey Wing, co-executive director of Colorful Closets. "They will have this bag of clothes and it will be trendy, and it will be in style, and it will not be hung and stained with holes." It's good stuff. We're picky about what we keep because we want these kids to be excited. "

Each student receives five pants and 10 tops, each garment is chosen with a different child in mind.

"My kids are in public school and are just seeing a need in their own classrooms," said Keely Brown, co-executive director of Colorful Closets. "You want to help, you want to do something, you just want to run and go get him another leggings or someone else might need a pair of jeans."

Brown said that with the help of companies like Doty, Colorful Closets can continue to provide clothing and care to students in need.

"We are still a non-profit child because we have been in school systems for only three years," Brown said. "It's just fun to let people know how to redefine a goal."

Doty said the partnership was the one she hoped to continue in the future.

"Amarillo has greatly blessed us and I love, love, love this community, and make their community has been great," said Doty. "It's probably one of my favorite things to do, and everyone has been so supportive."

Nothing Bundt Cakes is open from 9:00 to 18:00. Friday. The anniversary celebration will continue until Saturday, when the first 50 guests will receive free Bundtlets for a year.