"Obscene"? Sanders Shutters Institute About pay-to-play accusations • Good Non profit


Senator Bernie Sanders told CNN in March 2016 about CNG in March 2016: Disadvantage of the allegations of & # 39; pay-to-play & # 39; influence-leuren on The Clinton Foundation:

"It is obscene Secretary Clinton goes to big money to finance her campaign … "

All this makes the news, via AP, that the non-profit think tank & # 39; founded by Sanders wife and son, closes the store after criticizing the donations they receive, all the more intriguing.

The institute was established to promote liberal policy by Sanders & family less than two years ago with the support of pro-Sanders celebrities and lawyers – although Sanders itself had no formal role. Although it works on a fraction of the Clinton Foundation scale, it has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars during its short existence and has refused to disclose its donors.

As The New York Post reports, the Sanders Institute from Vermont is planning to suspend all activities by May – "So there could not even be an appearance of impropriety" – now that the independent state legislature is running for president, his wife explained Thursday.

The decision was allegedly taken at the end of February after Sanders launched his campaign.

"I think that was the most important thing to do – don't accept donations," said Jane Sanders in an interview with the Good Non Profit.

"Nobody should think that they give money to an organization and that it gives them access or benefits for someone else and someone on the way to the office. & # 39;

Jane Sanders told the New York Times they "didn't think about the foundation of Clinton of Trump" to decide whether it was right to stop taking donations.

"We just thought, I will be very active [on the campaign trail], "Said Jane, 69.

"It's just too mushy – it can get too mushy. We wanted to protect it."

Mushy indeed.

Sanders & # 39; has a Senate campaign emphasized that both Our Revolution and the Sanders Institute have independent boards and are not led by his presidential campaign or his office in the Senate. But some figures went easily through the groups. Institute fellow and Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner recently resigned as president of Our Revolution to co-chair Sanders' presidential campaign.