Attorney General of New York City: Evidence Shows Trump Misused


NEW YORK (AP) – Insider reports, e-mails and other evidence show President Donald Trump has turned his charitable foundation into a wing of his White House campaign, announced on Thursday. Attorney General of New York.

The state Attorney General, Letitia James, a Democrat, detailed his case against the foundation in a 37-page case in a court claiming $ 2.8 million in restitution and an order banning Trump and his three Elders lead charities in New York for 10 years. .

The filing of the complaint followed a previous court submission by the foundation's lawyers, who argued that the lawsuit against the charity was both fragile and politically motivated.

The Trump Foundation reached an agreement in December to fold and distribute approximately $ 1.7 million of the remaining funds to other nonprofit organizations as part of a court-supervised process. Each organization will receive the same amount, and the Attorney General's office will have the right to reject any that it deems unfit.

This agreement, however, does not resolve the dispute, according to which the foundation participated in a trump maneuver during the preparation of the Iowa caucuses in 2016 violated the rules preventing charities from participating in political campaigns.

At the time, Trump was in conflict with Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly, and was refusing to participate in the Republican president's last primary debate on the network, in front of the caucuses.

Instead, he organized a rally at the same time as the debate in which he called on people to donate to veterans' charities. The foundation acted as a bridge for those who responded to its call for donations.

James said the banned coordination between campaigners and the foundation included statements from Allen Weisselberg, a Trump Organization executive, and emails he had exchanged with the former director of the Trump campaign, Corey Lewandowski.

In an email, a vice president of Trump asked Lewandowski to help distribute the money.

"Do you have a list of veterans' charities to which you wish to send these funds and how much for each charity?" Said Vice President Jeffrey McConney at Lewandowski on February 16, 2016, according to the record . "Finally, how long do you want to keep the TrumpforVets website operational?"

Trump was also charged with ordering that $ 100,000 in foundation funds be used to settle legal claims against a 30 meter flagpole that he had built in his Mar-a vacation complex. -Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, instead of paying the expense. his own pocket.

A message asking for comments was left to a lawyer from the foundation. In the past, the foundation's lawyers have stated that all the offenses were minor and that the trial ignored the philanthropic work of the organization.

James, a newly-elected Democrat, also issued subpoenas on Monday at Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank, looking for documents relating to four Trump real estate projects and his failed bid in 2014 for the purchase of Bills Buffalo of the NFL.

Trump has decried this development as the work of "PRESIDENTIAL HARCERS" and said, "The witch hunt continues!