Moriarty Monument in New Orleans, Louisiana •


Dominating the Moriarty monument, 80 feet high, it is one of the most remarkable monuments in the world. Metairie Cemetery for its size. Located in the middle of rows of extravagant tombs, this tomb is the highest in the cemetery. He was commissioned by Daniel A. Moriarty to honor his deceased wife and to show the community that rejected him coldly.

It is said that Moriarty, a poor man, emigrated from Ireland to New Orleans in the mid-nineteenth century. He met and married an elderly woman, Mary Farrell, with whom he created a successful business and eventually profited from a considerable fortune. But as a non-native, Moriarty was not allowed to fit into the city's very united circle of influential people.

When Mary Moriarty died in 1887, her husband sought a way to honor him. At the turn of the century, he would have a great memorial built in his honor, a monument that would also show the remarkable wealth that his old comrades of money had avoided.

The Moriarty monument bears a colossal granite bell tower surmounted by a cross and four life-size statues at its base. According to local legend, Moriarty commissioned a sculptor to create the statues in the image of four virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity and Mary Moriarty. However, another theory suggests that the fourth statue represents the virtue of memory.

The monument bears the name "Moriarty" in large capital letters, but the date of Mary's death was omitted because of her self-awareness as to how much older she was than her husband. Daniel Moriarty and his father are buried next to her in the Metairie Cemetery.

It's not easy to compete with the magnificent mausoleums at Metairie Cemetery, a famous landmark built in 1872 on the site of a former racecourse. With the largest assemblage of surface monuments and mausoleums in the city, the Metairie Cemetery houses a number of impressive tombs that create a small neighborhood of imposing buildings of varied architectural styles, ranging from a pyramid Egyptian with spectacular neoclassical structures.