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"Pants !!!", fashion bloggers shouted through their keyboards this week, after Kate Middleton Jigsaw, a fashion brand for which she worked as an accessory buyer early in her career, participated in a charity event in creased navy blue pants.

The look was instantly cited as an example of Middleton taking a page from Meghan Markle's style book. Markle wore many tailored trousers before her pregnancy relegated her to a few months of maternity dresses (often associated with stilettos, which Markle absolutely commands).

But it was not the first time the duchess had changed her fitted and flared dress for a more casual outfit.

"We are pretty sure that the pants that Kate was wearing were the same clothes that she had during a trip to Cyprus. [last year]Susan E. Kelly, writer and founder of What Kate wore, told the Daily Beast. "It's nice to see a change of the same old dress silhouette."

After all, even Diana put tuxedos for nights spent in town or Genesis Concerts. Today, the style evokes European royalty as Queen Letizia of Spainwho knows each other around a suit

The pants ended up being the smart choice for a day when the Middleton route was included crawl on the floor with babies at Henry Fawcett Children's Center. The sleeved stockings are not the only dress statement Middleton made that morning.

According to Kelly, the Middleton lilac Gucci The blouse, which possessed a rainbow cleavage impossible to miss, was deliberately put back.

"In all online descriptions of the blouse, the buttons are supposed to go on their backs," explained Kelly. "Then Kate carried it technically upside down, with the buttons on the front. It was not an accident; she did it for a reason. And I do not think she would have done it three years ago.

Kate Middleton may be at the end of her seven years and three children as Duchess of Cambridge. Just about all the outfits she's chosen this year have not only been winning, but have also chosen themselves deliberately to match her mood and the event.

More importantly, Middleton injected personality and youth into his closet. This has not always been the case for a 37-year-old woman who, in the past, dressed as a grandmother of the bride with clumsy coats to age it from about 57 years old.

Take, for example, Middleton's first post-pants. At a gala for the National Portrait Gallery, where she is patron, the Duchess took on an Alexander McQueen dress in floral print. Previously, she wore the piece at the 2017 BAFTA, showing off his shoulders in his cleavage at the Bardot.

This round, the duchess has added hooded sleeves to the tiered dress. Unlike her appearance at BAFTA, where she opted for a ballerina bun and glistening chandelier earrings, Middleton kept her hair tousled and did not stack on the jewels.

Although it is ridiculous to call a woman dressed in an expensive and seemingly casual seamstress dress, the duchess seems more relaxed as she passes cameras on Tuesday.

The obvious reason why Middleton is currently raising her style game is that she is trying to follow Meghan Markle, who has been dressing brilliantly in recent months.

Suspicions that Middleton's new wardrobe might have something to do with his sister-in-law might seem particularly plausible to anyone who believes that a tabloid's reports frail quarrel between the two duchesses. Middleton could work it as a way of symbolizing the fact that the bad press does not upset her.

"She fits very well in her skin, and she became very comfortable in her role and embraced her. When you feel like that, you like to dress a little more »

Kelly, the Middleton style blogger, does not subscribe to any theory of clothing conspiracy. "I think the most important thing is that we see someone whose self-confidence has become really good," she said. "She fits very well in her skin, and she became very comfortable in her role and embraced her. When you feel like that, you like to dress a little more.

In addition, Middleton spent six months last year on maternity leave with her newborn, Prince Louis. She is back in the spotlight only since last October and brings renewed energy to all aspects of her position.

"I do not think his style is a reaction in any way – good, bad or indifferent – to Meghan," said Kelly. "I think it's the trajectory of her life and on her return from maternity leave." Middleton's reference stylist, Natasha Archer, is currently on maternity leave, which means that the duchess has either a new dresser, took these homework herself.

Even in the middle of Meghan-Mania, the UK-based consulting firm, Brand Finance, remains lists Middleton as "the most powerful royal influencer" of the family.

Alex Haigh, director of Brand Finance, told The Daily Beast that in a recent survey, 37.6% of Americans admitted to being more willing to buy a product worn by Kate Middleton, compared with 35% who would pay for the Meghan Cup . .

The difference is small and Haigh attributes Middleton's top margin to the bad press surrounding Meghan. He does not believe that Kate's lead will last long. "I remember that after Kate became engaged and married, there were similar tabloid stories about her, and now it's almost gone," he said.

Unlike Markle, a Californian, Middleton comes from a British upper middle class family. She was practically born to be a brand ambassador in a certain British style, LK Bennett-esque.

"She takes this British-looking town and country, if you will, and then walks away from it a little bit"

His new looks do not completely abandon this philosophy of a lifetime. After all, just two days ago, she wore a red cap from Lock & Co, the world's oldest hat shop. But experimenting, Middleton presents itself as a symbol of more modern Britain.

"She takes this British-looking city and country, if you will, and then steps forward," said Kelly. "She will wear a fitted double-breasted coat to the church, but the old version would be in tweed, would not have as many buttons or would be just as adjusted, and would not have a little drama with a flared skirt. "

Middleton moves away from the cliché, while respecting his position as future queen wife. Hope that the one wearing pants.