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Andrew Yang is a candidate for the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential candidate on the platform of Universal Basic Income, Medicare For All and Human-Centered Capitalism. The Asian-American entrepreneur and founder of the non-profit Venture for America reached 65,000 unique donors on Monday and qualified him for the first round of democratic primary debates. His characteristic UBI proposal, the Freedom Dividend, aims to give every American between the ages of 18 and 64 a check of $ 1,000 a month to help with the impending economic disruption caused by automation, which he sees as an immediate threat to the society. Over the past month, with appearances at the Joe Rogan Experience and The Breakfast Club, Yang's exposure has increased dramatically, leading to sudden intense online tracking, including at 4chan, Reddit and other centers of meme creation. Some of these creators of meme's, former Donald Trump supporters and alt-right trolls, have been converted to the $ 1000 per month pledge and have joined the & # 39; Yang Gang & # 39 ;, the basis of the campaign that follows. A subset of the created memes reflected their extreme right-wing views and has since been strongly condemned by the candidate himself, and efforts have been made in the Yang Gang. Despite this regrettable association, experts wonder: why is interest in Andrew Yang rising?
The idiosyncratic Yang has 77 other proposals on his policy page, ranging from requiring a White House psychiatrist, to legalizing marijuana and grace to all minor drug offenders, to setting up a Local Journalism Fund, to obliging the NCAA to to pay athletes. The candidate has even called for the unification of UFC fighters. However, the Freedom Dividend remains his top priority policy and he is currently paying two families per thousand dollars a month to prove the effectiveness of UBI.

While interest in the campaign has just exploded, some commentators have written about him:

Vox offers a detailed profile by Dylan Matthews of the background of the candidate, his platform and the controversy about the meme.

National Review has a surprisingly profound introduction by Theodore Kupfer about why Yang and the Freedom Dividend have become so popular with the young and unsatisfied men who made memes for MAGA.

The Asian American consciousness, let alone interest, in Andrew Yang, is not yet widely spread. He did, however, appear on the YouTube channel of the comedy duo Fung Brothers and gave a number of speeches with Asian-American groups.

Wesley Yang, Asian-American writer: "The Asian-American, precisely because he is not loved or feared by anyone, can become the universal figure in American politics and life – the compromise candidate for a polarized electorate"

and: "Trump reminded voters that she could install anyone who wanted it into the presidency and relied on his pre-existing celebrity to win over the political establishment. Yang shows that a person without celebrity can create it on the open platforms of the internet. "

Murtaza Mohammad Hussain from the point of intersection: & # 39; Looking at @ AndrewYangVFA's platform, I find it admirably simple. No more grandiose ideological crusades (most of which have turned out to be hollow and unattractive), just guarantee health care for everyone and $ 1000 a month. This is an attractive platform "End of History". & # 39;

Populism updates: & # 39; Andrew Yang is essentially a pirate politics movement in the United States & # 39;