Nikki Haley lays the foundation to grab Trump's cloak in 2024 •


Republican Nikki Haley painstakingly lays the foundation for a presidential bid in 2024, and is a non-profit organization to maintain her profile of political rock stars while building a financial nest egg so that her family can pay for her political ambitions.

Party entrants who keep an eye on Haley say the former US ambassador to the United Nations would not challenge her old boss, President Trump, in the primary ranking of 2020. But the dynamic ex-governor of South Carolina, only 47, will expects to start a campaign four years later. With a group of advisers, Haley chooses every step to maximize her reputation and plan a course to the White House.

Amidst quiet maneuvering, the immediate priority of Haley is earning money. Haley nor her husband are rich. Now that two children are middle-aged, Republicans who are familiar with Haley's planning that her desire to put family first is a practical necessity, not a cliché.

"She tends to family and personal savings and stays politically involved, she said all those things and meant them," said Tucker Eskew, an experienced political hand from South Carolina who was seen as an informal Haley adviser in GOP circles, though he is opposed to the label. "If the opportunity arises to take it to the next level, nobody is better positioned or prepared for the political scene today, I know that."

Haley launched Stand For America, a political non-profit organization, in February, allegedly to provide it with a platform to influence national policies. This week Haley promoted via Twitter a Standard for America & # 39; message that advocated terms for Congress, a proposal that is popular with conservative grassroots. A few days earlier, Haley retweeted a Stand For America post in which he urged the US to press China to make North Korea denuclearizing.

Stand For America provides Haley with a mechanism for interaction with legislators, conservative thinkers, grassroots activists and large Republican donors who will need them in her corner if she becomes president. Even if Trump is re-elected, aggressive jockeying to succeed on top of the GOP would start within three years.

Haley spokeswoman Chaney Denton said that Haley "always liked policy" and set Stand For America to "make sure she always has a voice" about domestic and foreign policy. But GOP agent Terry Sullivan, a South Carolina veteran, who advised Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla, in 2016. – which Haley endorsed – said the new organization is essentially a stalking horse for Haley 2024. "Absolutely, 100 percent, no doubt possible," he said.

Haley made her first splash on the national podium, while governor with her deft treatment for the removal of the southern flag from the state house grounds. The movement, politically sensitive to Republicans in South Carolina, came after the shooting of nine African Americans by a white supremacist while worshiping in a church. Haley's rise increased after Trump was elected.

The daughter of immigrants from India, had her doubts about Trump and spoke powerfully to him in 2016, if she mentioned him. That did not stop her from becoming a member of his cabinet as ambassador of the United States, where the novice of foreign policy learned at work and distinguished himself. Even Trump critics were impressed.

"I think she did a great job, she had a fantastic moral compass, which I think was a star within the universe of government foreign policy," Sen said. Bob Menendez from New Jersey, the best Democrat at the Commission for External Relations.

Then Eberhart, a republican donor in Arizona who supports Trump, admitted that Haley has become so formidable that she – and probably she alone – could force the president if she decided to challenge him for the GOP nomination, even though it is not in the cards.

"A challenge from Nikki Haley would be something that President Trump and his campaign should take seriously," Eberhart said. "She has never been part of the ever-shrinking" Never Trump "club and remains very popular with the Republicans. & # 39;

Haley managed to deliver a feat that attracted few prominent republicans – in dealing with Trump and his wing of the party without the rubber stamping of controversial policies and rhetoric, which they openly criticized. And as a woman who is an ethnic minority, Haley could be an attractive choice for Republicans who are looking for the border in a country whose demographics and cultural norms are changing.

Yet some Republicans are wondering whether her time has passed. Despite the fact that she has come to power in South Carolina as a tea party outsider, Haley is a hit at the founding of the party.

"She tries to navigate between populist Trump politics and her own convictions, which is a dangerous place at the time," said a republican official in the state of Palmetto.

Will Republican chief voters, firmly with Trump, feel warm? The challenge to divide the division between the respect of the establishment and the love of the base is Haley's challenge.