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Charity Witt and James Jean-Louis proved to be the Ultimate Titans as they survived a squad of 64 competitors and were the last to stand after the championship round played Thursday night.

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock

Titans are not born, they are made. Congratulations to our very first #TitanChamps, @James_Tank_ & @witt_charity! Thanks to our amazing audience who listened every week to support these incredible athletes in their fight against #TITANARENA. See you soon on the road. #TITANGAMES 🤟🏾

The first season of Dwayne's "The Rock" Johnson's Titan games concluded with eight competitors fighting for the title. This paved the way for what would be a dramatic night.

The day began with a semifinal showdown between former Penn State footballer Tyler Lucas and lawyer Derik Scott at Hammering Ram. The two men had to search three 300-pound boxes for a hammer and use it to drop a 350-pound percussion ram that they had to use to break through a door.

Despite a disadvantage of seven inches and 50 pounds, Scott managed to complete the obstacle first:

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

These percussion rams are no match for the titanic force of @derikaspenscott and @ twlucas13. 🔨

Then CrossFit athlete Jess Griffith took on Witt, a powerlifter, in Uprising, who challenged competitors to take on a challenge on five levels through concrete obstacles. It is at this moment that Witt has secured his place in the finals:

Then powerlifter Jackie Wood battled the youngest competitor, Christiana Rugloski, for the right to face Witt. In the end, it's Wood who was able to defeat the hammer hammer:

With only one place in the final, Jean-Louis and college student Bridger Buckley clashed in the uprising. While Buckley kept in touch, Jean-Louis kept his Titan dreams alive with a close victory:

Just like that, the finals were fixed.

Since the Ultimate Titan title was in play, Mount Olympus's obstacles were further strengthened for a win-win clash. Competitors had to cross a 1,200-pound wall, cross gates, climb escalators, climb a 12-foot wall, lift a 600-pounder at 25 feet and lift a 500-pound cage to go to the ball and chain . Not only did they have to drag the 350 kilo ball to Titan's grave, but they also had to cross a last concrete barrier to retrieve the Titan key.

It was then that Witt became the first person to be crowned Titan champion:

One down, one to go.

In men, Scott and Jean-Louis embarked on a fierce battle. Jean-Louis quickly took the lead by taking the lead. However, Scott walked past, lifting the torch first. While the heat was almost at the rendezvous, the race was over:

Semaj, his nine-year-old son, motivated Jean-Louis to win the Ultimate Titan title.

Witt and Jean-Louis each managed to survive 31 others by facing many obstacles, including Mount Olympus twice. As a result, they were the first to win the endurance test competition at The Rock.