Two non-profit organizations in Williston share the love for Giving Hearts Day


WILLISTON, N.D. – Valentine's Day has become more than a holiday for local non-profit organizations. Raised more than $ 13 million in North Dakota and western Minnesota last year.

The annual Giving Hearts Day fundraiser organized by the Impact Institute has helped more than 450 non-profit organizations achieve their goals.

Two non-profit organizations in Williston consider him one of their largest fundraisers of the year.

Upper Missouri Ministries is part of the 24-hour online fundraiser for four years. Employees said they have major plans this year to put all their money into creating sidewalks and hard surfaces for children with mobility issues.

"So all the kids of all levels we want to come to camp, some over the years decided not to come because it was difficult, some of them went out in wheelchairs and other things, and it's a challenge to get around the camp so it will have a positive impact on those kids, "said Nick Johnson, executive director of the departments of Upper Missouri.

Giving Day Hearts Day is also the second largest fundraiser of the year for the Williston Trinity Christian School. They raise nearly $ 1 million a year through their various fundraisers and use this money to offset tuition fees so that parents pay only 60% of what it takes to educate a child.

"Giving hearts is a very important part of the support we give to all our children," said Terry Haugen, director of development at Williston Trinity Christian School.

Nick Johnson said this year that the Impact Institute aims to raise $ 14 million, adding, "It's great, they're just asking people to raise their hands and say I want to make an impact."

"We pray for all of our donors and for all of our community, I guess it's the unique particularity of Williston – it's a community that gives a lot," Terry said. Haugen.

One donor has pledged up to $ 25,000 in donations to Williston Trinity Christian School, and three donors want to promote donations by donating $ 17,000 to the Ministries of Upper Missouri.

9 am to 4 pm The Ministries of Upper Missouri will invite people to their offices for coffee, donuts and conversations to thank donors and give people the chance to donate. You can visit to donate to a local non-profit organization until midnight tonight.