After congressional investigations in both the House and the Senate failed to produce evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign made a plot with Russia to steal the 2016 US election to Hillary Clinton, The hillJohn Solomon emphasizes the deafening silence on clear links between the Kremlin and the woman who would have been president if Donald Trump had lost.

Aside from the fact that the project funded by Clinton Steele Dossier relies heavily on a Russian source. And the fact that John Podesta (who would probably have become secretary of state) sat on the board of directors of an energy company with a A Kremlin official and a Russian oligarchThere is hard evidence of Russian connivance, Solomon deepens his reflections to reveal the links that unite Russia and see Donald Trump imprisoned for treason by the left.

Congressional investigators have painstakingly gathered evidence showing that the Clinton research project had extended contact with the Russians.

Steele is the main source of unsubstantiated allegations against Trump came from a former Russian intelligence agent. "Much of the collection on the links of the Trump campaign with Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer (" not quite clear) who lives in the United States, "Ohr said. –The hill

In today 's episode of Twilight Zone, Solomon highlights Hillary Clinton' s close relationship with Russian leaders, who feared a massive transfer of technology to the Kremlin. around the time of the Uranium One transaction and the now infamous Bill Clinton trip to Russia (where he spent time Putin House) and picked up a $ 500,000 check for a speech.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton with Russian leaders, including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and then President Dmitry Medvedev, to create US technological partnerships with the Moscow version of Silicon Valley, a vast high-tech campus known as Skolkovo.

Clinton's footprint was omnipresent on the 2009-2010 project, the tip of a diplomatic spear to revive US-Russian relations after years of hostility sparked by Vladimir Putin's military action against the former Soviet republic and Russia. now his American ally, Georgia.

A donor to the Clinton Foundation, Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, led the Russian part of the effort and several US donors to the charity Clinton have become involved. The Clinton State Department facilitated the collaboration of US companies with the Russian project and personally invited Medvedev to visit Silicon Valley.

The collaboration took place at the same time Bill Clinton did his now infamous trip to Russia to pick up an amazing $ 500,000 check for a single speech. –The hill

The Clinton State Department ignored a warning issued in 2013 by the leading US Army's European intelligence think tank about the Skolkovo project, which hinted that it could be more effective. 39, act from a front for economic and military espionage.

"Skolkovo is an ambitious company that aims to promote technology transfer in general, through direct inward investment and, occasionally, through selected acquisitions.As such, Skolkovo is undoubtedly an open alternative to espionage clandestine industry – with the additional distinction of being able to make such a transfer on a much larger and more efficient scale ", reads EUCOM 2013 intelligence bulletin.

"Skolkovo's development by Russia is a crucial issue – an issue Russia could ask – why spy on foreign companies and government laboratories if they voluntarily transfer all the expertise sought by Russia?"

The FBI followed the warning of the EUCOM the following year with letters describing the dangers US technology companies victim of Russian spies through the Skolkovo project. An FBI agent from Boston, in particular, wrote an "extraordinary editorial to publicize the alarm," writes Solomon.

The Skolkovo project "could be a way for the Russian government to access sensitive or classified research development facilities in our country and dual-use technologies with military and commercial applications," wrote the paper. Deputy Special Agent Lucia Ziobro. in the Boston Business Journal.

The FBI also sounded the alarm bell about the Uranium One case – after an informant, William D. Campbell, infiltrated the Russian energy giant Rosatom and gathered evidence regarding a racketeering ploy including bribery, bribes and extortion .

Campbell also obtained written evidence that Putin wanted to buy Uranium One as part of a strategy to achieve monopoly dominance of the global uranium markets, including leverage over the United States. .

Campbell also warned that a large donor in kind from the Clinton Global Initiative was simultaneously working for Rosatom while the decision on US approval was pending from Hillary Clinton's department. In the end, his department and the Obama administration approved the deal.

The evidence shows that the Clintons reaped financial benefits from Russia – personally and within their charity – while they were involved in US government actions that rewarded Moscow and increased security risks the United States.The hill

Beyond the Steele file

If it is now publicly known (and below double standards of the DOJ's investigation) that the Steele record was a clear case of Russian collusion with the then-candidate, Donald Trump, there is a lesser known link between the Steele case and a Russian businessman born in Belarus, Sergei Milian.

In addition, "Steele and Simpson also had business relations related to Russia during the formulation of the file," writes Solomon.

Steele worked for the lawyers of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and tried to take advantage of these connections to help the FBI get evidence from the Russian aluminum mogul against the president of the Trump campaign Paul Manafort.

As a result of this effort, FBI agents visited Deripaska in the fall of 2016. Deripaska told them that there was no collusion.

Similarly, Simpson was working in 2016 for the Russian company Prevezon – which was trying to escape the sanctions of the US government – and for one of its Russian lawyers, Natalia Veselnitskaya. In testimony under oath before the Judiciary Committee of the SenateSimpson admitted that he had dined with Veselnitskaya both the night before and the night following his famous meeting with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016. –The hill

And yet, nobody beats the eye.