Written by Kurt Schlichter, op-ed via Townhall.com,

I know that many Americans are afraid of entrusting our entire economy to a group of hipsters from the coastal blue city and university professors, with all our money and personal freedom, due to a doubtful moral panic about future weather, but I'm sure I would like to suggest a better idea.

I call him the New Deal red, white and blueand it's a little different from the proposed Green New Deal this seems to benefit only the virtue reporting the limousine libraries, crony capitalists and budding commissioners. The New Deal red, white and blue would rather favor Normal Americans – you know, those who built our country, feed it, feed it and defend it. People like you and me. So here it is. All:

Support yourself and let me go to hell.

That's all. It's my New Deal red, white and blue.

What do you think?

Now, one of the advantages of my innovative proposal is its simplicity. This does not require any "massive" mobilization of our entire society as part of a collective campaign aimed at pursuing an arbitrary goal that a group of liberals who have never done anything Anything other than lying have chosen each other for us. It does not require any additional national debt. Its implementation requires no bureaucracy dead weight, insensitive and insensitive. In fact, it does not require anything at all, except what you and I have always done: working for a living.

Here it is again, in its entirety:

Support yourself and let me go to hell.

Now, the left will find this problematic global regime for many reasons, especially among them, because it does not take the fruits of our work and our freedom and do not yield to the same leftists. Looking at the green Green New Deal, you may ask yourself, "How does this plan make me more free or prosperous?" But, of course, he does not have it either. Neither your freedom nor your prosperity is the goal of the Green New Deal, nor those of any of the innumerable moral equivalents of the war that they always propose. Climate change is just the last excuse for their pinko takeover. If it were not the false religion of the weather, it is another imminent danger of disaster that would force you to give up your money and your freedom, NOW, THE TIME TO THINK CHILDREN, CHILDREN, CHILDREN!

It's fun to see how the left has the solution to solve all the problems by asking the left to withdraw your money and your freedom.

But in my red, white and blue New Deal, nobody takes anything from anyone. You take care of yourself and find yourself alone, which is frustrating for the left because the left exists to steal what you have earned to redistribute as you see fit and to order you to do, think, say and you feel like the left sees good.

Once again, here is my new red, white and blue deal:

Support yourself and let me go to hell.

Now, my plan differs from the Green New Deal in many other ways. The Green New Deal predicts that over the next few years, the United States will stop using fossil fuels, which means you will not be able to drive your superb Mustang or BMW anymore. But with my New Deal red, white and blue, you can drive whatever you want. You just have to pay for your own car and fill up on gas.

The Green New Deal would move from planes to high-speed trains, which we Californians have turned into a Utopia by costing tens of billions of dollars to make travel between Bakersfield and Fresno a little faster. But according to my plan, you can still fly by plane if you buy a ticket with the money you have earned. Or you can take a train, even if you buy a ticket with the money you have earned. It's your decision because it's your money.

The Green New Deal is ready to take on the challenge posed by flatulent cattle, probably by diverting you from the delicious beef to a lower quality food that leftists decide you can eat. But with my red, white and blue New Deal, you can buy, with the money you've earned, everything you want to eat. You can choose a delicious steak or choose the ugly tofu garbage that leftists think you should eat. You would meet your needs and others would leave you alone to choose how you will spend the money you earn.

The Green New Deal, which is supposed to fight the pressing threat of slightly different temperatures over the next century, also contains a host of other elements that, one might think, play no role in climate control. Strange, but these recommendations to reach the ideal temperature we are supposed to reach (cultists of the scary time never seem to tell us what is the "good" temperature) exactly match the classic Marxist wish list – redistribution, nationalization and central planning of the economy. Strange how it works.

Presumably, the people who make DMV a pleasure and have made Obamacare a resounding success will totally succeed this time if we only give them exponentially. more Power. Hey, nobody pays attention to Venezuela behind the curtain!

The Green New Deal only concerns its version of "economic justice". Thus, under this plan, taxpayers would provide income to them.reluctant"How do the freebies for criminals cool the planet is not clear.No short, my New Deal red, white and blue – that is "Support yourself and let me alone hell" – takes a slightly different approach. In other words, if you do not want to work, you get nothing.

And it's not just money you will not get. You will not get a free apartment, free medical care or a free iPhone either. See, under my plan, you work, and what you to win you can choose to spend for things that are important for you. For example, you may choose to spend your money on alcoholic beverages and medications, in which case you will get less things like food, vacations, and doctor visits. Or you can save your money and buy a nicer car or a better house or have this strange mole removed. It's all up to you! This radical idea of ​​allowing you to define your priorities and then choosing how to reach them, for example by working harder or saving money, really annoys the leftists because it leaves them no room to tell you what to do. .

Now, some people who choose not to support themselves by working would suffer what are called the "consequences" of their decision. This would be manifested by things like hunger, cold and / or, usually, not having what other people who are actually working to support themselves. But one of the innovations of the red, white and blue New Deal is that it exploits the powerful incentive power of hunger, cold and generally does not have the equipment available to other people who actually work to support themselves, dignity who comes with support. It is an opposition on our part to us who support the obligation to give up some of what we have earned to subsidize beats, bums, scissors and other key elements of the Democratic party base.

Of course, charity would always exist. I give, for example, now and continue to choose to give to help people try their luck, by the force of things, to get back on their feet and to support themselves, the moment they would be left alone because They are now supporting themselves, as should any self-respecting American citizen.

Unlike the Green New Deal, in the context of the New Deal red, white and blue, not to oblige hard-working Americans to support the laziness of non-shifting journeys is the foundation of "economic justice".

My last novel, fire, and previous payments People's Republic and Indian country, show the Green New Deal in action after the split of America between blue and sensitive states. Heck, I thought he was a little upset to predict the left banning private cars and demanding permission to travel on planes (assuming you have carbon credits!), Yet these basic devils have overcome my accounts with their reality.

But hey, they destroy everything else, so why not also be able to write right-wing action thrillers? But I will continue to work and I will continue to do what I want.

One last time, here is my New Deal red, white and blue, in its entirety:

Support yourself and let me go to hell.