Jeff Bezos gives a pitiful $ 160 billion fortune to a charity • Good Non Profit


For the richest man in the world, charity begins – and remains – at home.

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has given only a tiny fraction of his $ 160 billion fortune to philanthropic causes, far behind other billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates and the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg show public documents.

Although Bezos, 55, and his ex-wife MacKenzie, recently pledged $ 2 billion for a new charitable initiative, their previous donations totaled just over $ 145 million, or 0.0906 % – much less than 1% – of their net worth. Out of $ 100,000, it would be like spending $ 90.06 for charities.


"The records of Amazon and Jeff Bezos reveal that they are takers, not donors," said Jimmy Van Bramer, Queens City Councilman, whose district includes Long Island City, where Amazon is considering to create a head office. "When they make promises of their generosity, I look at what they've done in the past to find out what's the truth."

In nearly twenty years, Jeff Bezos made derisory donations to the Bezos Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization created by his parents in the state of Washington in September 2000, as indicated by the incorporation files.

Between 2000 and 2017, Bezos paid just under $ 6 million to the group that Jacklyn and Miguel Bezos launched with $ 20,000.

Ma and Pa Bezos, who were the first investors in their son's fledgling company in 1995, are worth $ 30 billion today.


In 2004, Bezos, who had already amassed a net worth of just over $ 2 billion, joined the board of directors of his parent 's non – profit association, as well as his wife and siblings, Mark and Lisa, and their respective partners, according to the group's tax returns. revised by The Post.

But it was the parents who continued to fund the nonprofit, mainly through Amazon stock donations. In 2017, Jacklyn and Miguel Bezos contributed $ 30,266,250 to their charity, according to public documents. (The foundation donates to educational initiatives in the United States and around the world.)

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