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INDIANAPOLIS – High school students considering a career in the manufacturing and logistics sector have the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into jobs in these industries.

Conexus Indiana is a non-profit organization that aims to connect high school students to Indiana's leading manufacturing and logistics industries. In six weeks of 40-hour work during the summer, high school students can do paid internships in one of the country's 150 manufacturing and logistics companies.

In a male-dominated industry, Maya Sears, 19, of Avon, strives to stand out.

"As I worked at Allison Transmission and worked in the Quality and Liability Lab, I worked a lot with parts under warranty," said Sears.

Sears earned the position in 2017 through a paid internship at Conexus Indiana.

"Conexus puts you in touch with the people you need to know," Sears said. "They give your resume to the companies, who can then contact you."


Conexus Indiana

The program is available to high school students from Indiana over the age of 16.

"You have to hit hard," said Sears. "Being at Allison 's home put me in a good position for that because it was just the real world, it was not like I was in an internship honestly. It was like I was an employee there, I did not have coffee, I helped put parts into transmissions and stuff like that. "

In the past five years, Conexus has placed more than 870 students in the labor market prior to college entry.

"Without being exposed to these industries, students will not be able to access them as a career field," said Tracey Everett, director of talent programs at Conexus Indiana. "Our industries are in desperate need of talent and it is critically important to be able to build a pool of high school students entering industries."

Everett launched the Conexus Trainee Program to connect Hoosier manufacturing and engineering companies to future full-time employees.

"They acquire both technical skills and general skills in a work environment," said Everett. "One of the most important things that students can learn because it's often their first job, getting paid, going to work and working hard. And then, they also combine that with skills that they can potentially use in their future careers. "

Conexus trainees attend a free two-day seminar to also gain professional skills. Sears said that these are skills that have taught her to acquire skills that she must not only use in college but also achieve her career goals.

"I know how to make myself known and how to make myself available to someone to want to hire and take my resume and consider me," she said. "Next summer, I'm thinking of working for the CIA or the NSA, and that's where I really turn. Maybe Boeing or NASA. "

Each internship is remunerated from $ 9 at the hour, ie six weeks of 40 hours. Applications for the 2019 summer program must be received by January 31st.

To apply, students must:

• be at least 16 years old
• be a sophomore, junior or senior
• Have an attendance rate of 95% or more in the fall semester
• have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher
• be registered or have recently completed relevant courses
• be referred by an educator


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