J.D. Scholten, the Democrat who challenged Congressman Steve King in the 2018 election, announced his plans to run a non-profit anti-poverty organization in Des Moines on Wednesday (Photo: Caroline Cummings).


JD Scholten, the Democrat who defied MP Steve King in the 2018 elections and who nearly won, announced Wednesday that he would head a new nonprofit organization aimed at informing low-income creditors of all kinds. tax for earned income, while leaving the door open to a political future.

"Working Hero Iowa" will sensitize the entire state to the federal and state earned income tax credit, which is a cash refund for low-income workers, designed to alleviate some of their financial burden.

The group will also help connect Iowans to tax preparation services.

"Iowans leaves millions of dollars on the table by not doing everything we can to inform eligible people of the state and federal income tax credit. [We] at Working Hero, plan to fix that, "said Scholten.

Scholten made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday in Des Moines, citing a possible bid for the war candidate, Steve King, or Senator Joni Ernst for his congressional seat in 2020. Scholten was beaten by King in November. in the fourth congressional district, heavily dominated by Republicans.

Scholten said that a future campaign at this stage was unclear, although he said he "left things open."

"The month of November 2020 seems to me at least very far away," Scholten told reporters, asked about his political plans. "I'm just trying to get things done, go around the state, educate the public, but I leave things open."

Scholten launches this adventure with philanthropist and entrepreneur Joe San Joe Sanberg, whom Scholten said he met during the 2018 campaign.