J.D. Scholten launches a non-profit association and leaves the door open for 2020


The former Democratic congressional candidate, JD Scholten, announced Wednesday that he would launch a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of earned income tax credit, a decision that will allow him to "reevaluate" the possibility of running for a new president in 2020.

"I leave things in abeyance," Scholten told the Des Moines Register about a possible campaign for 2020. "What I'm passionate about is finding ways to help the company." Iowa, I do not necessarily have to run for a job to do it. "

Scholten, a former minor league baseball player, challenged Republican Rep. Steve King in the 4th district of Iowa in 2018. Although King was virtually unbeatable in previous elections, Scholten was closer to the overthrow any other Democrat who tried the 3.5 percentage points.

It is a feat that makes him a local hero in Democratic circles and he was invited to represent in 2020, either against King at the American House, or against Joni Ernst in the US Senate.

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Working Hero Iowa, Scholten's next venture, aims to raise public awareness of the earned income tax credit that supports low- and middle-income individuals and families. The organization will endeavor to put families in touch with free tax preparation services so eligible Iowans get their money back.

"The EITC is the most effective anti-poverty policy in America," Scholten said in a statement. "But to receive it, you have to indicate it on your tax return – and tens of thousands of Iowans simply do not, because they do not know that. they exist, do not know that they are eligible or do not earn enough to be forced to declare their taxes.As a result, they never see a penny of the EITC.That's why awareness and the are so important. "

According to the Internal Revenue Service, about four in five eligible workers claim their refund through the earned income tax credit program. According to the service, those who are absent are those who live in rural areas, those who do not speak English or who have recently divorced, who are unemployed or who have experienced other changes in marital status. , financial or parental.

Scholten associates with entrepreneur Joe Sanberg to launch Working Hero Iowa. Sanberg ran a similar organization in California called CalEITC4Me.