It was a bad weekend on the internet. The endless debate about an altercation at Lincoln Memorial dominated the weekend, but there was a bright spot that was burning in the trash cans …an epic flow of Twitch marathon from Donkey Kong 64.

YouTuber HBomberGuy, whose real name is Harry Brewis, started a 100 percent run of Donkey Kong 64 early Saturday and did not stop until 57 hours. Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whistleblower and activist Chelsea Manning and creator of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein, John Romero, all connected to Discord to discuss with Brewis. Brewis started the event to raise money for Mermaids UK– a UK charity that helps transgender children, youth and their families.

In the end, he raised more than $ 333,000. It was a joyful thing to watch.

Brewis, a known YouTuber for both long trials of pop culture and demystify alt-right conspiracy theories, launched the Donkey Kong 64 Twitch stream by spite. Donkey Kong 64 is a game notoriously difficult to play until the end, forcing a dedicated player to go through hours of mini-games and collect hundreds of coins, golden bananas and obscure collectibles. Brewis has long threatened to let slip the game until the end and finish something he would have forgotten to undo in his childhood.

He finally decided to do the damn thing after Graham Linehan, an Irish writer behind father Ted and The IT Crowd, launched an online campaign to stop funding the UK National Lottery to the charity Mermaids UK. Brewis wanted Twitch's donations to replace the funds the Mermaids could lose if Lineham's campaign succeeded. Throughout the weekend, Lineham spent her time on Twitter ridiculing Brewis and her efforts. But in the end, the current has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. "My farthest estimate was $ 5,000," Brewis said of the Twitch feed, totaling over $ 200,000. "That, for me, was exasperating high."

Brewis stopped eating and sleeping from time to time, but the river remained upright and people moved to talk about the rights of trans people and marvel at the horror of having tried to try 101% of Donkey Kong 64. Ocasio-Cortez joined the stream for about 12 minutes. She discussed the rights of trans people, the closure of the government and her favorite game console. She told Brewis that he was doing a good thing and explained that trans rights were human rights and we all had to fight to defend them.

"It's fascinating and I would like to continue talking about trans rights, but I need to know, do you know how to activate power in a frantic factory in Donkey Kong 64? Because I've been here for hours, "said Brewis.

Not Ocasio-Cortez, but other people on the creek helped Brewis out some wikis. "I've never owned N64, but I think it's probably the best system," Ocasio-Cortez said. "But I'd usually go to my cousin's house all the time and she had Super Mario 64, Pokemon Snap, and that's probably all I know how to play."

Later in the night on Sunday, Brewis reached 101% and raised more than $ 333,000 for Mermaids UK. At its peak, the stream had more than 50,000 simultaneous viewers.

"I can feel all the blood on my face," said Brewis, biting a piece of tofu he would have kept to eat when he won.