Background: Hbomberguy is a Youtuber that covers pop culture, video games and left politics. He decided to organize a streaming event to raise money for Mermaids, a UK charity that advises children with gender dysphoria, after Graham Linehan (the creator of the sitcoms The IT Crowd and father Ted ) organized an online brigade to block public funds. the charity. Hbomberguy chose to play with Donkey Kong 64, a notorious game for its absurd amounts of collectibles and ancillary activities. During the feed, he had several distinguished guests, including activist Chelsea Manning, creator of Doom John Romero, director of Fallout: New Vegas Josh Sawyer and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. After 57 hours, he raised just over $ 340,000.

Now, for the drama:

thread: "[socjus] Streamer Hbomberguy raises over $ 230,000 for Trans Charity in front of President Graham Linehan " (wire brigaded by / r / ChapoTrapHouse)

Think of homeless or poor charities that would like this money. "

A user quotes wrong information about the charity

"Imagine living in 2019 and still be afraid of SJWs lmao"

"This is not a win-win situation because the money donated to charity is a horrible charity.It encourages transactivism for underage children – that is, from 5 at age 10. This is child abuse, pure and simple, and no one with anyone, a minimum of morality should promote it. "

"As a donor: fuck me, coward, time, place, name it, bring oil."

"So do you just call everyone you do not like an SJW, or …?"

"ITT: Incels"

thread: "The SJW are trying to lament Graham Linehan [Censorship]"

"Farewell to the traitor of the genre"

38 threads supporting or not Linehan's right to freedom of expression

thread: "EuroGamer on Twitter:" No, sorry. [We can’t stick to video games and stop being political activiwts.]"" (Tweet makes reference to the Eurogamer game news site covering the feed)

"Shut up, Terf

"A great charity, a big event." John Romero came in. If you do not think that one player manages a DK64 game flow and raises alone $ 300,000 for a charity and attracts several celebrities, whose # 39; one of the most famous game developers of all time is worthy of a news for a news site about the games, you are probably the one who is doing too much politics, not them. "