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I will now boast that I send an annual donation to Pro Publica. It's easy. You can do it.
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(I subscribe to a local NPR partner and the LA Times, which I barely read because their app is a donkey, but maybe I should pick a small document a few hours later and subscribe to it there?)
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If you're wondering about that indecent remark about the hedge fund that Gannet is trying to take over, this article by Will Bunch has the most disturbing details. Fragment: The problem really hit home for Dave Krieger – the now-former editor of the Daily Camera in the fast-growing Boulder, Colorado – when a lawyer friend sent in a letter to the editor asking what happened in his birthday. The lawyer said that he did not understand why the price of his subscription only increased by 20 percent, while the actual paper was displayed less and less.

Krieger knew exactly why, but at that moment he realized that most of Boulder's residents did not know what he knew: the shrinkage of the paper was the direct result of a contemporary Wall Street hedge fund that – through his investment vehicle with the Orwellian -like unfair name of Digital First Media – had since 2013 sucked money in full vampire-squid mode from the revenue stream of the newsroom of the Daily Camera. Much of the money that formerly paid reporters, editors, and photojournalists instead went into Randall Smith's pocket when Smith expanded its collection of millions of homes at Palm Beach and the Hamptons (at one point at 18 – that is, no typing error – and counting).

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In addition to ProPublica and their excellent work, I recommend doing some research to see if there are independent public radio stations in your area that need support. As tied up for cash as NPR, the indies are much worse. (WPFW in Washington, DC is a personal favorite.)
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