COVINGTON, Ky. – Two years ago, Felicia Huesman was "an insane person," she said Monday. "Maybe again."

Ambitious is probably a better word for that. Huesman, who already spent her days looking after her children and managing the family's preparation group for her husband's army unit, decided in 2016 to create an organization. non-profit for troubled veterans.

"You already know all those people who want to help," Huesman said of her position as wife in the army and worker in the FRG. "And you know a group of people who need help but do not need it."

Bringing the two together was just logical.

The Barracks project began with a publication on Facebook and has become an organization that divides its efforts between deployed service members to whom it sends monthly packages of care and honorably dismissed veterans who can use its website to request food, toiletries, financial aid or volunteer help. with a service project.

Huesman announced Monday that housing will be provided for veterans who have nowhere to go. A Navy veteran in Covington sold his home at The Barracks Project for just under $ 5,000, and volunteers immediately began renovating it for reuse.

Huesman said she hoped to house veterans in her upstairs and downstairs spaces, while providing clothes that they could wear for job interviews. .

"As long as you're really trying to get back on your feet, we're here for you," she said.

Her husband, Alex, admitted that he was one of the people who thought his vision for the 2016 project might be too high.

"I always had faith in her, but it seemed crazy at first," he said. "(But) with that vision that she had, I do not think anyone wants to stop it."

Anyone interested in knowing more about the project can find more information

on his site.