While the federal government was partially closed and TSA workers were spending weeks without pay, members of the Muslim community of Folsom, a non-profit group, made a simple gesture: they bought agents on Monday morning.

Mohammed Khader, president of the organization, and his group bought 100 lunch boxes for TSA agents and delivered them to Terminal A and Terminal B around 11:30 am. That had an impact, said Khader.

"A TSA officer cried because of the gesture. They were grateful. They said that it was as if someone was looking after them in times of need, "Khader said.

It has been 31 days since the partial closure of the government began and TSA agents across the country are still working without pay because of their essential status.

It starts to do damage on travelers and agents, according to the Good Non Profit. There are longer security lines in some airports, fewer TSA officers, and the resulting financial burden for TSA officers, as well as for other government employees laid off, who are not responsible for it. worse.

"These people, even if they are not paid, come anyway and help our community to make us safe. I think we have to appreciate them because they do not care about closure and are still working, "said Khader.

Zaid Akhter, a board member of the non-profit association, said it was a simple way to support agents who bear the burden of the closure.

"I'm just sad that a lot of people are working hard and not getting paid, they are the ones who are suffering … (we thought)" Hey, that would not be a great way to help me. "Akhter said.

Khader and Akhter said it was only one of the ways their group supported the community. Their volunteers go to elderly communities to keep their family members close to the house and their mosque shelters homeless people during the holidays.

"We are all separated from the same community. If they need help, we will help them. And if we need help, they will help us, "said Khader.