Some things are too good to last. Again, Tesla does not have a charity and it was only a matter of time before she started charging the full price to the user of her Supercharger network. However, the sudden rise in prices could very well be a rude awakening for those who get used to extremely low load prices. The good news is that Tesla could still be the best deal in town.

One of the hesitations when adopting electric cars is the worry of losing one's load en route. Tesla has set up its network of superchargers and charging stations not only across the United States, but also in other countries, to address these fears. And, like any new paid service, Tesla offered it cheap or even free for a while and as part of some programs.

As they say, the free juice stopped, but not only, Tesla also increased prices significantly. While the automaker had already done so in the United States, price increases are now happening worldwide. On average, Tesla owners record a 33% increase. with prices in New York ranging from $ 0.24 per kWh to $ 0.32. Prices in Norway rose from NOK 1.40 (US $ 0.16) to NOK 1.86 (US $ 0.22). Another crucial change is that instead of setting prices by state or region, Tesla lets charging stations set tariffs.

The owners of Tesla should not be really surprised or worried. Even at this much higher price, Tesla Superchargers still offer the best value for money, or in this case, the best kW per dollar, even compared to third-party chargers. And, of course, it's still cheaper than gasoline, not to mention more environmentally friendly.

In his statement to ElectrekTesla reiterates its goal for Superchargers, which does not have to be a profit center. Instead, it is meant to complement the way most Tesla owners will charge: at home.