The Southern Poverty Law Center has been sued by an immigration watchdog, after the left arbiter of social justice denounces the hate group & # 39; mentioned, reports the Washington Times.

The Center for Immigration Studies says that the SPLC's allegations that it is racist and anti-immigrant are wrong and that they have provided non-profit support and financial support by frightening people to do business with the center.

The center challenged the US District Court for the District of Columbia by filing a civil complaint under the Racketeer Act for Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) against SPLC President Richard Cohen and Heidi Beirich, who published the Hatewatch blog group. –Washington Times

Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen, 2013. (AP Photo / Dave Martin)

Center for Immigration Studies Director Mark Krikorian claims that his organization does not meet the definition of a hate group by the SPLC, and their decision to continue labeling it as such is proof of the noise.

"SPLC and its leaders have every right to oppose our work on immigration, but they do not have the right to call us hatred and suggest that we are racists," Krikorian said. "The Center for Immigration Studies is fighting against the SPLC defamation campaign and is trying to suppress the debate through intimidation and verbal abuse."

The SPLC defines hate groups as organizations whose official statements or activities "attack or defame a whole class of people, mostly because of their unchangeable traits."

Mark Krikorian

Krikorian says this does not apply to the Center for Immigration Studies – whose motto is "pro immigrant, low immigration", and that argues for "fewer immigrants but a warmer welcome for the admitted." He adds that the Supreme Court is of the opinion that simply being an immigrant is not an unchangeable trait, so bad things do not qualify as hatred in any way.

Last June the SPLC settled for $ 3.375 million and issued a public apology after recording the former Islamic radical called Maajid Nawaz in the "Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists" of the group.

Maajid Nawaz

Since giving up Islamic radicalism, he advised three British prime ministers and set up the Quilliam Foundation to fight extremism. He is not anti-Muslim. He is a Muslim and has argued that "Islam is a religion of peace".

So how did he end up in the pseudo-guide of the SPLC for anti-Muslim fanaticists? His crime is apparently that he has become a leading critic of the radical Islamic ideology he once embraced. Thanks to his courage, the SPLC is forced to pay a fine of several million dollars and to acknowledge in a statement that it & # 39; error & # 39; and that Nawaz & # 39; has made valuable and important contributions to public discourse, including by promoting pluralism and condemning both anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism. "-Washington Post

In June, PJ Media reported that no fewer than 60 organizations and 47 non-profit organizations are considering a lawsuit against the SPLC for similar smears by the radical left-wing organization.

"We, the undersigned, belong to the organizations, groups and individuals that are the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has maligned, defamed and otherwise damaged by falsely describing as "haters," & # 39; bigots, & # 39; & # 39; Islamophobes & # 39; and / or other unfounded swear words", the signatories explained." We are pleased that today the SPLC has formally acknowledged that it is dealing with such misrepresentations. "

"Journalists who parrot uncritically or cite the unfounded character traits of the SPLC from those who scold it, are giving their audience a bad service.", the signatories added.

Meanwhile, if the Daily caller noted last year, the SPLC is widely used by Silicon Valley social media platforms to organize "hate speech".

Four of the world's largest technology platforms work together with a left-wing non-profit organization that has many inaccuracies and regularly labels conservative organizations as & # 39; hate groups & # 39 ;.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all work with or consult the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when checking their platforms at & h 39; hate speech & # 39; or hate groups & # 39 ;, an investigation of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The SPLC is on a list of "external experts and organizations" that Facebook works with "to inform our policy on hate speech," said Facebook spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja in an interview with TheDCNF.

Of the four companies, Amazon gives the SPLC the most direct authority over its platform, according to TheDCNF.

While Facebook emphasizes its independence from the SPLC, Amazon does the opposite: the company of Jeff Bezos grants the SPLC broad control authority over Amazon Smile's charity program, and claims to remain unbiased.

"We are removing organizations that consider the SPLC as ineligible," an Amazon spokeswoman told TheDCNF.

Amazon gives the SPLC that power "because we do not want to be prejudiced at all"Said the spokeswoman, who could not say whether Amazon considers the SPLC to be unbiased. -Daily caller

Apple has even pledged $ 1 million to the organization, while J.P. Morgan has given the group $ 500,000. "Companies such as Lyft and MGM Resorts are working with the group, while Pfizer, Bank of America and Newman & # 39; s Own have each contributed more than $ 8,900 to the SPLC in recent years," according to the PJ Media report.