Popular crowdfunding platform GoFundMe yesterday launched a Government Shutdown Direct Relief Fund for federal employees affected by the shutdown that dragged for 29 days without a solution in sight.

In a statement, released on Saturday, GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon explained that the donations "will be distributed among various non-profit organizations across the country providing direct assistance to government employees", such as "providing hot meals, necessary guidance and lighting of housing. " The company is working with the American-Indian author Deepak Chopra on the campaign.

"They are honest, hard-working Americans who serve our country", is on the GoFundMe page. "They come to work to protect our coastal waters and keep our airports and airspaces safe, alongside other important tasks such as civil servants and contractors."

"We want to provide a place where people can take action and help someone in need, because together we have the power to make a difference and provide critical short-term relief." The more than 800,000 federal workers who have continued to pay paid, do not deserve this hardship, but we have the opportunity to take action and bring a message of hope and solidarity. "

GettyImages-1083295844 People are ready to get a free lunch at a pop-up eatery hosted by Celebrity Chef Jose Andres for leave government employees and their families, on January 16, 2019 in Washington, DC. On Saturday, GoFundMe launched a campaign to provide assistance to federal employees affected by the closure of the government. Getty / Mark Wilson

The campaign comes after more than 1,000 federal staff members – who have either worked smoothly or unpaid – went to the crowdsourcing site to raise money for their daily expenses. The partial shutdown of the government began last month after President Donald Trump refused to sign a stop-gap measure to allow the government to move to February, as no funding provisions were included for the boundary wall he promised to deliver during his campaign track . Last weekend the shutdown was the longest in American history on 22 days, with which he won a record in 1996 by Bill Clinton's administration.

The non-profit organization of the chef José Andrés, who has already supplied food to about 12,000 federal workers in Washington DC, will be one of the first to receive donations.

"Government employees can not put diapers on their newborns, due to their fault," Solomon said. "Employees of the most powerful nation in the world are forced to work without a salary and settle in diapers or food banks." It does not make sense. "

The site also promised to provide donations to the National Diaper Bank Network, a non-profit organization that is currently supplying diapers to federal employees that they can not pay during the shutdown. A complete list of recipients of non-profit organizations working to help people affected by the shutdown will be released by GoFundMe "in the coming days".

Created on January 18, the campaign raised $ 78,451 from its $ 125,000 target on Sunday evening, with 897 donor contributions. Approximately 1,300 users have also shared the campaign on social media, resulting in a trending status.