A country buzzing with violence • Good Non profit


Polish news is like a new kind of monster, a Frankenstein monster that has become uncontrollable online and turned into hate speech everywhere else. Open your email and you'll see, "You're a junk and you're going to die." "We know where you live." "We're going to cut off your head, that stupid head. violence.

The body reacts to verbal aggression with reflexes. He curls up in a small ball and begins to sweat, swelling with adrenaline. If it happens to many people at the same time, then we are in a mental war where, instead of bullets, words are drawn. I absolutely believe that words must be treated as material weapons, each invective or threat as violence and aggression.

Unfortunately, hate speeches being multiplied, no one in Poland has been held responsible. The police take statements from people and reject them. This tacit consent has demoralized weakened minds. Hate speech has infiltrated into public discourse and the process of lowering norms has become increasingly visible: the elect publicly declare conspiracy theories; deputies publish rants full of hate, knowing that the more brutality and emotion in a tweet, the more it will circulate.

Populists use more aggressive and hateful language. They catch scapegoats. In Poland, these scapegoats are the so-called crazy leftists, queer lovers, Germans, Jews, puppets of the European Union, feminists, liberals and all those who support immigrants.

Add to this the silence and cynicism of the clergy, the clumsy and aggressive propaganda of public television, the police's consent to anti-Semitic excesses, the dehumanizing public demonstrations of the "enemies of the nation", the denigration of authority judicial and unforgivable destruction of the environment, and we have an atmosphere of suffocating hatred, a highly emotional impasse in which there can only be traitors and heroes.

In a healthy and normal society, people may disagree or even have diametrically opposed views, which does not mean that they should hate each other. The Polish authorities, however, have made the Poles division their main task.

The aggression is in the air in Poland. The emotions aroused by the escalating language of political debate can easily shift to action, and then this aggression is directed against a specific object. One lost soul is enough. The cord, pulled to the limit of tension, engages at its most sensitive point.