I look from the beginning. It's a big trend for a good cause. And a horrible game, terrible and terrible.

I think what I like the most is the fact that HBomb sincerely thought he would collect about $ 5,000 during the feed. It turns out that people care about trans children.
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I have watched this stream from time to time and this has been comforting and engaging. Mermaids CEO, Susie Green, learned that this existed earlier in the day and let the voice talk for a moment talk about charity and the impact of fundraising, among other topics. Laura Jane Grace (from Against Me!) retweeted the feed too!
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The irony of a guy who goes "mumsnet" to the egg on TERF is lost to him.

(I've seen who he was acting on and I'm disappointed with the article.) I liked Black Books and Ted's father. I guess I know what is working to boycott now.

Now – back to the POSITIVE story ……
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They exceeded $ 102,000 after Graham Linehan posted a passive and aggressive tweet about it. Now, they are trying to get #thanksgraham trends. It's wonderful
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Wait why is Mario here? This game is incomprehensible. Skipping the N64 and going straight to Dreamcast was the right decision, good work teenager me.
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Someone should perhaps do a sitcom about two Irish priests who behave badly or about life in the IT department of a company because none of this exists or exists has never existed in this universe.
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" Older Beans have a soul