A Netflix storage guru unleashed a charity boom, as branches of the Salvation Army, Scope and the British Heart Foundation said it had increased donations.

Marie Kondo, expert in decluttering, has quickly become famous thanks to her home organization method "KonMari", which promises to provide not only a home decluttered, but also a pure spirit.

Through her hit show Netflix, she teaches people with disordered tendencies to tidy up their homes by throwing old and unwanted items to create a quieter environment.

Many people who follow this craze claim that its various techniques have had a beneficial effect on their mental health and that a clean and organized home helps them feel calm.

Charity stores across the country said they have seen clothing donations double in recent weeks since Ms. Kondo's show aired on the streaming service.

Marie Kondo, author of the international bestseller "The magic that makes things happen," has become famous for advising readers to transform their lives by sifting through all their belongings, embracing those that "stir up joy" and wishing goodbye adorable but rushed to credit Credit: Natsuno Ichigo


They claim to be able to identify items from people who have watched the show while they are folded according to its "characteristic fold", which makes it possible to see items placed upright. to reduce wrinkling

For example, depending on the method, the socks should be laid flat, one pair over the other. The toe is bent inward about an inch from the top, then into the center, and then in half to make it stand up.

The head of the Charity for Persons with Disabilities section, Scope, also acknowledged being able to recognize the items offered by KonMari fans because of their impeccable presentation upon arrival at the store.

The Salvation Army said that although stores generally record an increase in donations after Christmas, their managers had found a larger donation volume than usual.

According to Third Sector magazine, this is a decline of more than 100 charity stores in the United Kingdom in the first half of 2018. Yorkshire and Humber is the only region to have opened more charity shops than closed, he added.

Charity stores have been criticized over the past few years for price items for middle-class bargain hunters, rather than for the poorest people in the company who rely on cheap second-hand clothes for business. s & # 39; dress.