A Canadian Buddhist who has won more than $ 670,000 at a poker tournament is committed to donating all of his winnings to charity. Scott Wellenbach, 67, from Halifax, Novia Scotia, was third in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event in the Bahamas.

Wellenbach, who works as a Buddhist translator, left with $ 671,240, but promised to give everything after a pact with the "gods of poker." He told the CBC: "The deal I have with them has been excellent and I will not do anything to change it. I could start losing. "

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S addressing the BBC, Wellenbach explained why he was not hesitant to give so much money. "As a Buddhist practitioner, we sit down to meditate and a lot, and it's free," he said.

This is not the first time that Wellenbach has donated his poker winnings to charity. In 2017, he gave about $ 72,000 to a Buddhist convent in Nepal following a tournament in Barcelona.

"I would say the world could use a lot more everywhere now," he told the CBC. "And if women receive an education allowing them to assume important positions in the world, I think we will all be better off."

At the tournament in The Bahamas, which aired online, event commentators began calling the 67-year-old hero of the people and the pride of Nova Scotia because of his generosity, reported CTV News.

Wellenbach admits to having an ethical dilemma when he participates in poker tournaments, knowing that the game has ruined so many lives. "I suppose I justify it by giving my profits to charities," he told the BBC. The 67-year-old, the 67-year-old added that he also thought playing poker could be a reminder of Buddhist ideology.

"We should try to be friends, talk and get to know each other, what's going on in their lives and whatever," he told CBC. "I really think that the poker environment is greatly enhanced by the usability, the conversation and the decency between the players."

Wellenbach has been participating in tournaments since 2010 and until now, his biggest win was the $ 72,000 won in Barcelona. After finishing his third pace, Wellenbach told Pokernews.com that he still had not decided where his money would go.

"I hope that a wise decision will be made and that the money will go to good ends and to some human beings, [or] animal life is somewhat mitigated, "he said.