SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Press Release) – United Way of the Ozarks today announced a new partnership with Great Great of Business Give and Give 5, which gives local not-for-profit agencies the opportunity to enhance financial sustainability.

The organizations are partnering on a new pilot program that funds five Give 5 graduates to become certified coaches for Great Game of Business's Private Sector Game. Once certified, these coaches will be assigned to one of five local not-for-profit organizations that have been awarded bursaries to implement the Big Game for Social Sectors.

"We are proud to have The Great Game of Business, a partner of Give 5 and United Way, invest time and money to provide corporate scholarships and mentorship to local charities to reach goals never imagined, "said Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings Corp. Founder of Game of Business.

The cost of the Jumpstart program for the Jumpstart sector for the social sectors is $ 6,675 for a non-profit organization. The United Way of the Ozarks Corporate Fund will fund most of these costs to eliminate financial barriers to organizations participating in the program.

"The fund will pay a lot of these costs. However, we still want organizations to invest in the game, "said Debi Meeds, President and CEO of United Way of the Ozarks.

At a press conference held earlier today, the five organizations selected to receive scholarships received checks of $ 5,685 and will begin the program in February. The organizations receiving scholarships are the Court-appointed Special Advocates (CASA), the Ozarks Churches Council, the Discovery Center, the Ozarks Regional YMCA and the Victims Center.

Expected results for these nonprofit organizations include learning methods to function more effectively with staff with financial skills and involvement in the success of the organization; learn techniques to increase employee engagement, resulting in higher retention rates; learn to master the skills of departments to create a united team with common goals; and provide services more efficiently and effectively, which will have a more positive impact on our community.

The United Way Business Fund was established in 2003 to help fund new sources of revenue for non-profit organizations. Once the project is successful, the agency will reimburse the funds to make them available to other organizations.

"The fund was intended to get non-profit organizations to think more like for-profit companies with their fundraising efforts," said Meeds. "It encourages innovation within the non-profit community."

Great Game for Social Sectors was created in February 2017 to provide financial education to non-profit organizations.

"This new pilot program creates a coaching platform that can work with local non-profit organizations," said Katie Davis, Certified Coach for Great Game for Social Sectors. "More and more organizations will now be able to adapt the principles of open book management, better manage their donors' money and improve sustainability."

The Give 5 program, which came under the umbrella of the United Way of Ozarks in July 2018, combines innovative volunteer opportunities with retired (or nearly retired) baby boomers who live in Greene County.

"Becoming a coach of the best game is a useful way for Give5 alumni to have a lasting impact on the organization while using their leadership and / or corporate experience," said Greg Burris, Executive Director of Give. 5.

Give 5 volunteers who become coaches will follow a series of training and development sessions as part of the Great Game of Business. Once certified, they will help their non-profit organization implement the Big Game for Social Sectors through a 12-week Jumpstart program. The Jumpstart program takes about 40 hours, spread over several months, with ongoing support as needed.

For more information, please contact Jill Finney at jfinney@uwozarks.com or at 417.988.2866.