At the MPR, Marianne Combs writes"In recent days, Target Foundation representatives have called on the Twin Cities organizations it supports, providing them with news of some of the big changes. The leading philanthropist in Minnesota said it was "changing its grant program" and will no longer support some of the causes he has supported in the past. The Target Foundation contributes approximately $ 9 million each year to Twin Cities non-profit organizations. … That the developments at Target Foundation are a source of concern, it depends on who you are. "

This of Deena Winter for the Jordan Independent"A men's basketball coach in South Minneapolis is wondering why Jordanian supporters have been holding a pro-Trump campaign board during a men's basketball game Tuesday in Jordan. Michael Walker, coach of Roosevelt High School Minneapolis posted a photo fans who held the sign – which said "Trump 2020 – Keep America Great!" – on his Facebook page, questioning the message they sent. Walker, who runs the Black Student Achievement Office at Minneapolis Public Schools, wrote on his post:I coach a predominantly black high school team. We are going to a rural area in Jordan, Minnesota, and it is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate for a high school basketball game? "

At the AP, Steve Karnowski reports, "Debates began Wednesday at the state capitol on the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes in Minnesota, with cannabis supporters harassing opponents of legalization at a press conference that ended with a scandalous match. … After Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom and Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie also spoke out against legalization, St. Paul's community activist John Thompson told how his friend, Philando Castile, had been killed by a policeman who had reported feeling the smell of burnt marijuana after stopping Castile's car. Falcon Heights in 2016. "

Said Stribber Glenn Howatt, "Hospital debt unpaid in Minnesota increased 25% in 2017, another sign that even patients with health insurance are struggling to pay high deductibles and co-payments for medical care. The increase is the largest increase since the Affordable Care Act came into force in 2013, according to a report published Wednesday by the Minnesota Hospital Association. "

Christopher Magan of the PiPress saysOn Wednesday, members of the Republican-led Senate advanced the idea that patients with better relationships with their doctors and a more accurate understanding of the price of procedures and medications would reduce the overall costs of health care. … On the other hand, the Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party-backed bills in the House would maintain a 2% tax on health care providers, open MinnesotaCare to a larger number of residents and maintain the the cost of affordable prescriptions by putting an end to "abusive pricing".

WCCO-TV reports"In the midst of the partial closure of the government, an agency that has not been able to pay its workers wants you to know that it is hired. The Transportation Security Administration is organizing this weekend an expedited recruitment event for the MSP airport, which had been planned before the start of the closure.. "

From the AP: "Police officer in St. Paul accused of excessive force case after the video showed him hitting a man who was on the floor and in the jaws of a police dog. Federal prosecutors on Wednesday accused Brett Palkowitsch of a head of deprivation of rights under the law, which is punishable by up to 10 years' imprisonment. Frank Baker was seriously injured during the arrest of 2016 ".

WCCO-TV picks up a story from WalletHub it says, " a new national analysis puts Minnesota at the bottom of the list to measure the gaps between blacks and whites on a number of parameters. The financial website WalletHub published a report this week, Extracting data from several government databases on housing, income and education, it ranked the country 's 10,000 lakes as the fifth most recent (# 47) in terms of integration. "

Also from the AP: "The grandfather of a Wisconsin girl who was kidnapped after her parents' murder in October said Wednesday he appreciates the sympathy expressed by the suspect's father. Patterson's father, Patrick Patterson, went to the Barron County Justice Center on Tuesday, saying he wanted to pass on a note to Closs's family, CNN reported. On the verge of tears, Patrick Patterson declined an interview but said, "All I'm interested in right now is Jayme's family."