Not-for-profit organizations mobilize to help Coast Guard members at work without pay


(US Coast Guard / @ ComdtUSCG)


Coast Guard members and civilians were to receive a paycheque on Tuesday, but no money was deposited into bank accounts because no funding was allocated to the Department of Homeland Security.

The Coast Guard is the last government organization to work without pay during the partial closure of the government. The last paycheck was received on New Year's Eve. The other branches of the army (army, navy, air force and navy) were paid because they are under the Ministry of Defense already financed.

For many Coast Guard families, the Jan. 15 paycheck is the only source of income. The members of the service will receive a salary but it will not be immediate. Once the budget is finalized, it will take 3 to 5 business days to get the salary.

"Never thought it would happen," said Corry Prestidge, co-vice president of Washington DC Coast Guard Spouse Club.

The local club has 180 members. Husbands, 42,000 uniformed personnel and 8,000 civilians wonder when the money will arrive.

"It does not affect only the young recruits, but also all the coastguards. Everyone is in a different financial situation, "said Prestidge.

The situation is so serious that the Coast Guard commander posted a video.

"Your Coast Guard management team recognizes the concerns and anxieties of our total staff ready for the mission. We remain a ready, responsive and responsive coast guard, "he said. Admiral Karl Schultz in the video statement.

Charles "Skip" Bowen is a retired Master Master of the Coast Guard. He is worried about the new coastguards.

"Current leaders can not say much, but they are trying to support these young people, but they are also asking them to stay focused. These are dangerous jobs, "he said.

The coast continues to work without pay.

"It is extremely unfair that uniformed service members are not paid," said Jason Secrest.

Secrest is the post commander for American Legion Post 8 in Southeast Washington. He decided to hold a fundraiser at the American Legion on Thursday, January 17th from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. He hopes to raise at least $ 5,000 for mutual assistance from the Coast Guard.

Mutual assistance of coastguards is a non-profit organization that provides men and women with a $ 15 million lifeline over the next five days. Zero interest loans of up to $ 1,000 will be available for families and $ 750 for singles or civilians.

"You have 42,000 men and women in uniform and 8,000 civilian employees currently unpaid," said Rear Admiral Cari Thomas, of the Coast Guard's Mutual Assistance.

If the partial closure of the government continues until the end of the month, it will also affect 42,000 retirees.

"If I had to give this whole population, $ 1,000. That equates to $ 9 million, "explained Thomas.

"If you're dealing with a coastguard, if you're an owner, give him a break. It's not their fault, "she continued.

Chief Bowen, retired, thinks the closure must end quickly.

"I do not know who the government is responsible for, but they all have to get together in a room and push a pizza under a door until everything is settled," he said.

The Coast Guard Spouse Club in Washington is also organizing a fundraiser for the purchase of gift cards.