The former WSU quarterback family member, who founded Hilinski's Hope Foundation after his death, is teaming up to develop his mission statement to demystify mental illness.

The foundation began with the family of the former Washington state quarterback, Tyler Hilinski Monday announced a major partnership as part of the strategy to raise awareness of mental health and the demystification of mental illness.

Hilinski's Hope, the non-profit foundation created by Mark and Kym Hilinski, has entered into a partnership with the NCAA's Institute of Sports Science, the organization said Monday in a press release.

This announcement took place two days before the first anniversary of Tyler Hilinski's suicide.

Family members, friends and teammates were not able to determine the reason why Redshirt's second quarter-shift committed suicide in an off-campus apartment on January 16, 2018, but via "Hilinski's Hope," the player's immediate family – mother Kym, father Mark and brothers Kelly and Ryan – have vowed to "keep Tyler's memory alive and generate the funds needed to support programs that would contribute to the destigmatization of mental illness, "according to the foundation's website.

"It was a brilliant soul, witty and caring," said Mark and Kym Hilinski in his statement. "We did not know that he was suffering. His two brothers, his family, his closest friends, his teammates or his coaches either. "

The Hilinski are developing their mission statement with the NCAA partnership. The goal of the merger is "to encourage evidence-based approaches to strengthen the mental well-being support of NCAA student-athletes," according to the press release.

Dr. Brian Hainline, Chief Medical Officer of the NCAA, said the partnership "will identify effective strategies to increase the adoption and implementation of best practices for understanding and supporting students' mental well-being. athletes from all NCAA member institutions ".

According to Hainline, an assembly of 25 organizations working in the areas of mental health, medicine, higher education and sports medicine published a report detailing these strategies, the "Inter-Association Consensus Document: Best Practices". to understand and support the mental wellness of athletes and athletes. "

Since its inception, Hilinski Hope has raised more than $ 300,000 in donations. The foundation has also sponsored mental health training at several universities, including the "Step Up!" Third-party intervention program and the "Behind Happy Faces" mental health training program.