It amuses me, as a friend and I have tried to find alternatives to the weather scarves / quilts we see all the time on Instagram. In Austin, if we did heat, we would have to 1) extend beyond the 90s what most people use, love, 120F, and 2) be content with 200 days of incessant heat. Oh, and there's always the tribulation of the Texas knitter, 3) wearing the scarf for maybe a month.
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As a former German resident and frequent user of Deutsche Bahn, I approve that. For a country with an amazing rail infrastructure (at least one American) and one that prides itself on accuracy, it is really horrible to handle train delays.

I think that someone (perhaps a comedian? I do not remember who) said that DB was the dirty little secret of Germany, I agree with that one .
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I like that, The grandysaurus. With a daily line of neutral colors indicating whether a long red region was a long summer late or an incredible week?

Maybe the delays could go into the third dimension, turning into popcorn points, or … tassels … coral involutions … needle stitching!
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I am completing a huge 8-foot-long thermal blanket for 2018, where I have raised the maximum temperature of Weather Underground for each day of the day and coded it by a color code corresponding to a rainbow pattern. in sky. The temperature is based on where we were, with contrast wire, so you can track some of our trips (and see some dramatic temperature changes). Of course, this year was another record year for the heat. The months of spring, summer and autumn are therefore only a bunch of threads in warm colors.

I'm trying to think of another project of representation of a year, but I do not want to create another 365 lines. Maybe a rush scarf? Last year was a rainy record year so it can be fun to follow the differences between snow, sleet, rain and sunshine.
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The scarf is color-coded: gray wool meant that the delay was less than five minutes, the pink meant delays between five and 30 minutes, while the red meant that it was delayed by more than 30 minutes or that she had been delayed in both directions.

Wait, but do not the pictures show a blue, white and red scarf? Is it like that?
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The white is tinged with pink and the blue is probably dark blue-gray. It was my interpretation, based on my monitor.
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… despite the reputation of their country abroad for its efficiency and punctuality.

Is not it just Swabians?

The ancestors of Württemburg represent!
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