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Prior to last October's local elections, All-Polish Youth, a far-right organization, issued fake death certificates for 11 liberal politicians, most of whom were associated with Civic Platform, including Mr. Adamowicz. The prosecutor's office refused to investigate this initiative, calling it "expression of opinion" and not "incitement to hatred".

[Although I have to note the president is not a Holocaust-denier – not in my understanding of the word. Opponents see him as gullible and spineless which I think is true but he’s not a monster. Mr Kaczynski, the leader of the Law and Justice party is the one spouting hate towards his opponents].
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The perpetrator, Stefan Wilmont, was a former convict who had left prison in December and had chosen the WOP final as it was the first public event where the mayor was present. He claimed to have been imprisoned but innocent and blamed the Civic Platform for torturing him. He was found guilty of bank robbery but developed mental problems in prison.
Polish discussion by people who claim to know him.
Daily mail link
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Attention to the Daily Mail link: the second video may contain a video of the attack (I have not checked as possible trigger). This is not in automatic reading but still: is there a warning that we could add, mods?
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I have colleagues in Gdansk who shared amazing pictures tonight of night streets full of people who react to the tragic death of Pawel Adamowicz.

It's a terrible thing that has happened. My only hope is that we can recover some if we help enough people to understand how dangerous and destructive political rhetoric has become in Poland and in so many other parts of the world. My fear, however, is that no other explanation is sought beyond the obvious mental illness of the attacker, as has been the case after so many other attacks in so many cases. other places.
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It's a big problem here in Poland right now.

The charity event WOŚP is a huge concert / firework effort initiated in the 1990s to raise funds to equip hospitals with extremely expensive hospital equipment. It's like the best thing the Poles do and a moment of great unity.

The founder of the association, Jurek Owsiak, has just resigned after 20 years of murder.

I hope it may be a spark of a significant political opposition movement, because it has been a long time since we had any event that moved people so much.

@Ideefix that the discussion is hallucinating …
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This was not the tone of the debate. This is the fact that he opposed the President of the far right, nationalist and denial of the Holocaust, who made him assassinate. That's what stochastic terrorism looks like.

It seems to me that it is not really out of the question that it was this government that had her murdered.

Watch out for the Daily Mail link

That's also, you know, the Daily Mail.
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datawrangler, the video on the second link consists of a blood drive and a press conference, no sequence of the event. The New York Times link contains a photo of the murderer brandishing his knife for the admiration of the crowd, which is honestly far more scary.
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