The mayor of the city of Gdańsk, north of Poland, Paweł Adamowicz, was stabbed Sunday night as part of an assassination attempt in front of thousands of people at a charity concert .

Paweł Adamowicz

Paweł Adamowicz. Photography: Agencja Gazeta / Reuters

Adamowicz, the mayor of Gdańsk since 1998, was resuscitated on the spot and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was operated on. The doctors described his condition as "critical" and "serious".

Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński described it as "an inexplicable barbarity attack". Polish President Andrzej Duda said: "Today, I am unconditionally with him and his loved ones, as I hope all compatriots. I pray for his return to health and all his strength. "

"That day, the mayor of Gdańsk, mayor of Gdańsk, was shocked to learn of the attack on Paweł Adamowicz," London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote on Twitter. "Sending his best wishes for his quick recovery and his solidarity with the city that he directs, his family and his supporters."

According to reports in the Polish media, police sources allegedly named the assailant as Stefan W, a 27-year-old man from Gdańsk who committed violent crimes. Polish law restricts the family name of those accused of a crime.

Video sequences of the incident shows the attacker addressing the crowd from a microphone placed on the stage. It is said that he would have said, "Hello! Hi! I'm calling Stefan. I sat innocent in prison, I sat innocent in prison. Civic Platform has tortured me, and that is why Adamowicz is dead. "

Adamowicz was a member of the pro-European Civic Platform of Poland, which governed Poland between 2007 and 2015, before leaving the party to fight local elections as an independent. It is understood that Stefan W was convicted of a series of violent assaults and sentenced to prison in 2014.

According to police sources quoted by the Polish television channel TVN24, the attacker had been planning this attack for some time.

The fact that the attacker could not only access the scene and attack the mayor, but also address the crowd as a result of the meeting raised serious questions about the security provided by a company private.

The attack took place during the annual celebration of the Grand Orchester de Noël, a nationwide fundraiser aimed at treating children in state-run hospitals. The association has raised more than 951 million zlotys (£ 200 million) since its inception 26 years ago. Concerts were organized for charity across the country.

Adamowicz was a powerful liberal voice in a country ruled by the right-wing "Law and Justice" party since 2015. He is best known in Poland and around the world as a strong advocate for LGBT rights and the rights of migrants and refugees during a ramp-up period. anti-migrant feeling.

"I am European, so my nature is to be open", Adamowicz said the guard in 2016. "Gdańsk is a port and must always be a refuge from the sea."