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The president's company manages, owns or operates many other hotels. Government agencies spent thousands of dollars on their accounts during his presidency, enriching the president with taxpayer revenues.

The president's organization said it donated the benefits of "foreign government sponsorship" to these hotels. he do not have identified its clients or provided detailed accounting of the manner and how much the money he made from foreign customers.

Throughout his stay at the White House, the President continued to hold shares in several individual companies, including Halliburton and Apple. His government imposes and regulates these companies.

The president has commercial interests all over the world, countries with which he establishes commercial, security, economic and diplomatic relations. These include the United Arab Emirates, Canada, India and Turkey.

The president owns a resort club and a social club in Florida that has become his Camp David. The social club has raised membership price and tickets sold to events with the promise of access to the president.

The president runs a personal charity. The Attorney General of New York stated that he found a "shocking motive of illegality "there", including illegal coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and voluntary transactions, and so much more. The charity is dissolving.

The president runs a dissolute personal charity that has, for years, donated to other charities, many of which are apparently related to the president or his businesses. His greatest gift was to restore a fountain in front of one of the president's hotels, and his little one appears. have paid for the contribution of one of his sons' scouts.

The president sowed his investments in the inheritances of his father. The President is committed tax evasion inherit the fortune of his father, an exhaustive list New York Times investigation found.

The president's real estate projects are believed to have misled investors and potential investors. This includes projects in the Dominican Republic, Canada, Panama and the United States.

The president and his associates have promoted the personal brand of the president dozens of times.

The president has not sold controversial investments, foreign investment, investment in industries that he currently regulates, nor investments in companies receiving investments. payments from the US government or foreign governments. He is the first modern president to refuse to do so.

The President has not placed his investments in a blind trust. He is the first modern president with substantial financial interests to refuse to do so.

The President has never published his tax returns. He is the first modern president to refuse to do so.

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Annie Lowrey is an editor at L & # 39; Atlanticwhere it covers economic policy.