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  • Brian Kolfage, an Air Force veteran and triple amputee, refuses to answer basic questions about his new non-profit organization, which will use funds raised through his $ 20 million GoFundMe viral fund to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.
  • Kolfage announced Friday WeBuildTheWall Inc., but documents submitted to Florida reveal that this non-profit association was created more than two weeks ago in late December.
  • Kolfage directs the donation of checks to a separate organization, We Fund The Wall Inc., with a post office box in Houston; The Daily Caller News Foundation found no trace of its existence.
  • Charity Watch President Daniel Borochoff said Kolfage's new non-profit organization was launching a "huge red flag".

The founder of the $ 20 million GoFundMe viral campaign on the border wall refuses to answer basic questions about his new non-profit organization, which will use donor funds to build a fragmented wall along the US border. Mexican.

Veteran of the air force triple amputee Brian Kolfage asks donors to transfer their donations WeBuildTheWall Inc. following its announcement on Friday that the federal government will not accept any funds from its viral fundraising campaign, despite its original request otherwise.

GoFundMe said Friday Donors will be asked to transfer their donations to the new Florida-based Kolfage non-profit organization by April 10, when all remaining contributions will be automatically repaid.

Kolfage claims that WeBuildTheWall Inc.'s bylaws prevent it from receiving any salary from GoFundMe donor funds. But Kolfage refused to provide The Daily Caller News Foundation with a copy of the association's statutes to corroborate his complaint.

I thought it was pretty clear. I made the promise that I would NEVER take a penny 100% of fundraising through @gofundme donations will only go to the wall, 100% means 100% true? The council will not see anything of this money! Donations will also be held by an audit committee.

– Brian Kolfage (@BrianKolfage) January 13, 2019

Kolfage's statement omits the fact that he is now direction Check out the donations to an entirely different organization, We Fund the Wall, Inc., with a post office box in Houston.

Kolfage ignored the numerous requests from TheDCNF asking him why he was sending checks to a separate organization based in a different state and whether the donations sent to We Fund the Wall, Inc. could be used to compensate him in any way.

On March 13, 2018, US President Donald Trump expresses it during the inspection of wall prototypes in San Diego, California. MANDEL NGAN / AFP / Getty Images

On March 13, 2018, US President Donald Trump expresses it during the inspection of wall prototypes in San Diego, California. MANDEL NGAN / AFP / Getty Images

It is unclear how much money was collected by Kolfage through check donations, but its tweets suggest that this could be a substantial amount.

In addition, TheDCNF found no trace of the formal existence of We Fund the Wall, Inc. and many inquiries asking for the organizational documents of the organization were ignored.

Charity Watch President Daniel Borochoff told TheDCNF that "the red flag is huge".

"People should give the right to the organization that they want to support. Why do they pay money to another entity? Borochoff said. "This money could be stolen or misdirected to be used for other purposes."

"There could be some kind of embezzlement or something going on there that people might not be happy about," Borochoff added. "They really need a good reason to do it."

Kolfage also refused to explain why he had waited until Friday to inform his donors of the existence of his new non-profit organization, created on December 28, more than two weeks ago. Corporations Division.

Source: Florida Business Division / Screen Capture

The stated goal of Kolfage's nonprofit organization is to "fund, build, administer and maintain a South American border wall and the processes associated with it," according to its founder. documents signed on December 27th.

This seems to indicate that Kolfage knew that the federal government would not be able to accept donations by December 27 at the latest. Despite this, he knowingly raised $ 2.8 million on GoFundMe between this date and Friday, while telling donors that 100% of their donations would be donated to the government for the purpose of funding a border wall.

Kolfage ignored the many inquiries as to why he had waited more than two weeks to inform his donors of his intention to transfer their contributions to his new non-profit organization.

We build the mile wall in kilometers for half the cost of what the government pays!

It happens! This is planned for weeks!

If you want your donation to count towards our new mission, you need to register here: https://t.co/sWaTOtc324@DeplorableChoir @RyanAFournier

– Brian Kolfage (@BrianKolfage) January 11, 2019

"We contacted the Trump administration to get a point of contact where all the funds will go to the end. We will update this information when we get this information, "said Kolfage at the start of his fundraising. (RELATED: Will the $ 13 million GoFundMe budget for Trump's Border Wall really work?)

Kolfage now said His highly experienced team is confident that we will be able to complete important wall elements in less time and for less money than the federal government.

All contributions collected by GoFundMe from Kolfage after Friday will be automatically routed to WeBuildTheWall Inc. and Kolfage claims Sunday, a third of its 340,000 donors had already opted for the non-profit association.

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