Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 raised $ 2.39 million to prevent cancer •


The charitable organization Games Done Quick has raised more than $ 2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation at an event that ended Sunday, according to a press release.

Games Done Quick (GDQ) raises funds through speedrunningThis is the moment when players end the video games in seemingly impossible times to try to break records. Many players take advantage of the tricks and exploit the problems to complete the games in record time, while using other skills such as precision and memorization.

GDQ held his week speedrunning marathon event, Awesome games made quickly 2019, last week in Rockville, MD. The event, which attracted 2,200 people, was broadcast on the network. GDQ Twitch Channel for hundreds of thousands of viewers. The maximum number of simultaneous viewers for the event broadcast stream was 221,000 users.

A total of $ 2.39 million was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the charity selected for this event.

According to the press release, GDQ has raised more than $ 19 million since its inception in 2010. Among the recipients of this charitable organization are Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Autism Research Organization and the University of Ottawa. 39, CARE organization.

In addition to the charitable benefits, the event is a community gathering for speed runners.

"I used to equate the speedrunning to almost a high school," said the prize coordinator in a video summary Everyone has their own cliques, the guys from "Super Metroid" hang out with the guys from "Super Metroid" and, you know, guys from "Mario" hang out with the guys from "Mario." And then, you know, GDQ comes in and it's a reminder that we're all a big connected community. And everyone gets together … it's that incredible feeling.

The next event will be the Done Quick Summer Games in Bloomington, Minnesota, June 23-30.